Disaster at the Airfield in Kabul May Repeat in South Korea

   September 11, Juche 110 (2021) 《Tongilvoice, RSTV》   


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Disaster at the Airfield in Kabul May Repeat in South Korea

《No Cut News》, 《Minplus》 and other South Korean media said that Incheon Airport could become the “second airport of Kabul,” as South Korea could also be abandoned by the United States at any time, similar to the incident in Afghanistan.

The media noted that the United States, which boasted of "omnipotence", fled Afghanistan, and thus again broke its security promises.

The latest news shows that however strategically important a country is, the United States is likely to ditch it, prioritizing its own interests.

The media also reported that the international community is cruel, and no matter how diligently South Korea may serve the United States, the effect of such servility is very limited. For example, in the past, the US has condoned Japanese aggression against Korea by secretly concluding the Katsura-Taft Agreement.

Experts note that these days, statements of distrust in the United States are spreading like a buzzword in South Korea, and more and more people want to learn from the Afghan incident.


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