Koreans in Japan strongly condemn Japanese authorities for racial discrimination


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According to media reports, on November 2, the largest protest rally was held in Tokyo, in which 5500 took part from all over the country. Demonstrators condemned the unscrupulous actions of the Japanese authorities, which are an act of violent racial discrimination against children of Koreans in Japan.

Earlier it became known that the educational institutions of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon), including kindergartens, were excluded from the financial support system for education

Meetings and demonstrations, organized by eight groups in the morning and afternoon, have become the largest in recent times. They were attended by comrades from all over Japan, mainly from the Kanto region, students and union members, as well as members of the Communist Party of Japan, university professors, political activists and representatives of solidarity movements.

The speakers sharply criticized the government of Japan, noting that such unacceptable discrimination should never be tolerated.

Then mass demonstrations took place in downtown Tokyo.


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