KPA Surgeons Launch Campaign for Supplying Medicines to Pyongyangites - Spread of Epidemic and Result of Treatment Informed

   Pyongyang, May 17 (KCNA)   


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Spread of Epidemic and Result of Treatment Informed

According to the information of the state emergency epidemic prevention headquarters, over 269 510 persons with fever, some 170 460 recoveries and 6 deaths were reported from 18:00 of May 15 to 18:00 of May 16 throughout the country.

As of 18:00 of May 16 since late April, the total number of persons with fever is over 1 483 060, of which more than 819 090 have recovered and at least 663 910 are under medical treatment.

The death toll stands at 56.



KPA Surgeons Launch Campaign for Supplying Medicines to Pyongyangites

On the special orders of the Party Central Committee expecting the Korean People's Army to play the role of the main force in defending the country's safety and people's lives in the present public health crisis, a powerful force of the military medical field was immediately dispatched for the supply of medicines vital to the ongoing anti-epidemic campaign.

Surgeons met at the Ministry of National Defence on Monday to vow to discharge their honorable mission in the struggle for defusing the public health crisis prevailing over the capital city of Pyongyang.

Attending the meeting were those of the military medical field of the Korean People's Army who were to be involved in the supply and transport of medicines in Pyongyang City and officials of the Ministry of National Defence.

Pak Jong Chon, Member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau and Secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, conveyed the special order of the WPK Central Military Commission on urgently dispatching the military medical force of the KPA to the anti-epidemic front of the capital city.

Speeches were made by Colonel General Kwon Thae Yong, first Vice-Minister of National Defence and Director of the KPA General Logistics Department, Officer Ryang Chung Sok and Non-Commissioned Officer Choe Tong Ju.



Recollecting the love for the people of General Secretary Kim Jong Un who took an important measure unprecedented in the history of the army-building while guiding in the van the anti-epidemic campaign since the grave situation caused by the inroad of COVID-19 into the country, the speakers expressed their determination to devotedly safeguard the security of the capital city as fortresses and bulletproof walls.

They said they would devote themselves to the transport and supply of medicines with the political awareness that the supply of medicines is not a mere practical work for medical treatment, but a noble patriotic work for conveying the warm sincerity of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un to the people.

They also expressed their will to convey the precious medicines, elixir of life, associated with the great love of Kim Jong Un for the people to the Pyongyangites, regarding the posts in their charge as frontline trenches as befits those dispatched by the Party Central Committee.

They ardently called for dynamically defusing the public health crisis created in Pyongyang and becoming honorable victors by working heart and soul so that the revolutionary surgeons in the great era of Kim Jong Un can review with pride how they devotedly implement the combat order of the Party in the war against the malignant virus.

A letter of pledge to Kim Jong Un was adopted at the meeting.

The letter reflected the resolution of loyalty of all the participants in the meeting to surely emerge victorious in the anti-epidemic campaign by successfully implementing the special order of the WPK Central Military Commission.

At the end of the meeting, certificates of dispatch in the name of the KPA committee of the WPK were awarded to the officers and non-commissioned officers who were to be urgently dispatched as members of the group for treatment and medicine supply to defuse the public health crisis in Pyongyang City.

The officers and non-commissioned officers were warmly seen off by officials of the Ministry of National Defence, service personnel and their families.

They started the supply of medicines immediately after arriving on the spots with the enthusiasm to faster and more correctly convey the warm love of the mother Party to the citizens.


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