Report on Enlarged Meeting of 2nd Political Bureau of 8th C.C., WPK

   Pyongyang, June 30 (KCNA, RSTV)   


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The current situation in which a fierce campaign is being conducted under the fighting programme set forth at the historic 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) to win a fresh victory in socialist construction despite all the manifold challenges calls for revolutionizing cadres, the backbone of the country, and building up their ranks into an elite force by more clearly preserving the militant nature of our Party advancing in struggle.

The Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee convened an enlarged meeting at the office building of the Party Central Committee on June 29 to roundly deal with some leading officials' dereliction of duty in implementing the major policy tasks of the Party and the state, and to provide a fresh turning point in the personnel administration within the Party.

The respected Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, guided the meeting.

Present at the meeting were Presidium members, members and alternate members of the Political Bureau and officials of the Party Central Committee, leading Party and administrative officials of the ministries and national agencies, chief secretaries of the provincial Party committees, chairpersons of the provincial people's committees, Party chief secretaries of cities, counties and complexes and officials concerned of the armed forces organs and in the state emergency anti-epidemic sector.

Before discussing agenda items, Comrade Kim Jong Un mentioned the purpose of calling the enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau right after the Plenary Meeting of the Party Central Committee.

He pointed out that senior officials in charge of the important state affairs have neglected to implement the major Party decisions on taking organizational, material, scientific and technological measures as demanded by the protracted state emergency anti-epidemic campaign to cope with the worldwide health crisis and thus caused a crucial incident of creating a great crisis in the security of the state and people, and it has brought about a serious aftereffect.

Making a sharp analysis that the important factor of applying the brake to carrying out the crucial tasks discussed and decided on at the Party Congress and the Party plenary meetings and obstructing it is the incompetence and irresponsibility of the cadres, he touched on waging a more intensive struggle against the ideological defects and all sorts of negative factors occurring among the cadres throughout the whole Party.

He said:

- The real purpose of this meeting is to lay bare the main obstacle and impediment of hindering the advance of our Party and revolution, give a warning to the present realities of the ranks of cadres and open a prelude to the intensive and continuous struggle of the whole Party, and presented agenda items to be discussed at the meeting.

The Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee consented to the agenda items presented with a unanimous approval.

The enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau discussed as a major agenda item the issue on drawing a serious lesson from the acts alien to the Party revealed by senior Party and state officials in implementing the Party decisions.

It heard a report on shortcomings committed by some cadres.

The report informed in detail of the delinquency of duty of some senior officials who have neglected to implement the Party decisions and the most important tasks of the state, turning away from the great trust and expectation of the entire Party members and other people and the noble responsibility and mission for the Party and the revolution.

It also made a scathing analysis of the serious mistakes of those officials who gave hindrance to realizing the strategic plan of the Party and had a negative effect on the stabilization of the people's living and the overall economic construction, swayed by self-protectionism and passivity without making strenuous efforts with utmost prudence to implement the decisions and instructions of the Party Central Committee, the organized will and the supreme order of the whole Party.

At the meeting sharp criticism was given to those cadres who revealed their ignorance, incompetency and irresponsibility in carrying out the major tasks discussed and decided on at the plenary meetings of the Party Central Committee.

Those members of the Party central leadership organ who took the floor analyzed and sharply criticized politically on the party principle the ideological source of mistakes of the senior officials which inflicted detrimental effects on realizing the plan and leadership of the Party Central Committee, though they have to implement unconditionally, thoroughly and devotedly the decisions of the two Party plenary meetings which are of key importance in resolutely defending the authority of the historic Party Congress and opening up a firm prospect of the five-year plan.

The meeting also informed of the materials on some central and local officials who are vague in their attitude toward and viewpoint on the Party decisions and fail to do their work in a revolutionary way, giving way to defeatism and approved the decision on making a thoroughgoing party and legal examination and investigation of them and taking relevant measures.

Comrade Kim Jong Un made a crucial concluding speech.

He said the importance of the responsibility and role of the members of the Party central leadership organ and other cadres and officials of units at all levels becomes clearer after the Eighth Party Congress. He mentioned the need to direct primary efforts to building up the ranks of cadres well as the revolution advances and the circumstances are severe and the important direction of improving the cadre policy of the Party.

He expressed the view of the Party Central Committee on the serious acts alien to the Party which were revealed among the leading officials of the Party and the state.

Seriously pointing out that the inveterate irresponsibility and incompetence of the cadres are the main brake laying an artificial difficulty in implementing the Party policy and giving a huge hindrance to the development of the revolutionary work, he emphasized that the cadres should riase exact demands on themselves and do their duty with the extraordinary sense of responsibility and practical ability.

He seriously criticized the attitude of working like a flash in the pan, empiricism and old mind-set which are universal among the cadres.

He said:

- If the cadres do not make persistent efforts to improve their political and practical qualifications and possess the revolutionary style of work and traits and the Party organizations slacken the organizational control and education of the cadres, the traction would be lost in the implementation of the Party decisions and the major policy tasks of the Party cannot be carried out correctly.

Noting that the benevolent politics and the engagement policy maintained by the Party from the beginning of its foundation are not for the sake of the cadres but for the sake of the ordinary working people, he made clear that the Party has no right to protect the cadres who are not truly concerned about the country and people and take care of their positions while pretending to work. He clarified his will to wage an offensive, persistent and powerful struggle to overcome the non-revolutionary working attitude, viewpoint and practices of the cadres.

Comrade Kim Jong Un mentioned the need to study and reexamine the personnel affairs policy of the Party once again on the basis of the spirit of the current enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau and some important issues.

- Now is the time to bring about a revolutionary change in the personnel affairs before solving the pending economic issue.

The revolution in personnel affairs our Party has consistently attached importance to and promoted in the whole course of its development is a crucial task of the whole Party to be intensified more intensively and primarily in keeping with the prevailing situation of the Korean revolution.

The personnel affairs system and method should be improved in accordance with the demand of the developing reality and the cadres themselves should steadily strengthen their revolutionary self-improvement and training.

What is important in particular is that the cadres should raise their political consciousness purposefully, he said and noted that they must clearly know the lines and policies of the Party, correctly see through the reality and pending issues with the party and state insight and possess the stand and working manner of finding their share and making efforts for its realization.

The education and training through party life should be strengthened in order to raise the political consciousness of the cadres, he said the cadres must sincerely participate in the organizational and ideological life of the party to train themselves in a revolutionary way, not by the control and demand of others, but for the Party and revolution, for strengthening the militancy of their Party organizations and for their political integrity.

The Party decisions are an organized will and action program which indicated the orientation of advance of the Korean revolution and the cadres are entirely responsible for their implementation. 

The cadres should thoroughly establish the revolutionary spirit of implementing the Party decisions unconditionally and strictly in whatever circumstances.

Our Party pays special attention to the working manner and moral traits in bringing about a revolutionary change in the personnel affairs, he pointed out that all cadres must always remember their working manner and moral traits represent the authority and face of the Party.

The Party organizations at all levels should build up the ranks of cadres with those perfectly ready in loyalty, revolutionary spirit, fidelity to the people and ability.

The meeting then dealt with an organizational issue.

It recalled and by-elected a member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau, members and alternate members of the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee, recalled and elected a secretary of the Party Central Committee and transferred and appointed the cadres of the state organs.

The enlarged meeting of the 2nd Political Bureau of the 8th WPK Central Committee has become a significant occasion which demonstrated the invincible leadership ability and revolutionary discipline of our Party which is confidently opening up the period of a new upsurge of the revolution with greater fighting capacity and strenuous efforts despite manifold difficulties in the way of vigorous advance.


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