Researches to check COVID-19 brisk in DPRK


Scientific research institutions in the DPRK are intensifying the development of antiviral medicines for taking immediate measures in case infectees of the novel coronavirus occur though the country has not been hit by the virus yet.

The Biomedicine Institute and the Pharmacy Research Institute under the Academy of Medical Science selected competent researchers to step up the development of antiviral medicines. And the State Microbe Test Office announced that an injection produced by the Bioengineering Branch of the State Academy of Sciences has passed the nontoxicity test.

The Faculty of Pharmacy of the Pyongyang University of Medicine has already gone through enough clinical test of the new medicine to curb influenza, bird flu and corona viruses.

Researchers of the Koryo Medicine General Hospital are intensifying researches into Koryo antiviral medicines and researches to use the antiviral ingredients of Koryo medicinal herbs.

Those of the State Academy of Sciences established a testing method suited to the realities of the country so as to make more correct medical observation of the returnees from foreign trip and their contacts and cold and acute respiratory cases in quarantine.

Meanwhile, a work is promptly done to bring out and distribute reference books and technical guidelines in accordance with specific conditions of the country on the basis of analyzing research data made public by different countries.

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