Rodong Sinmun Praises Feats of Fidel Castro Ruz, Eternal Leader of Cuban Revolution


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By waging a bloody armed struggle in the 1950s, which witnessed fierce revolutions worldwide, he overthrew the pro-U.S. dictatorial regime to achieve the freedom and liberation of the Cuban people, which was the first victory in the socialist revolution in Latin America.

Despite the sanctions and blockade by the hostile forces for decades, he, who ushered in a new era of socialism in Cuba, honorably protected the sovereignty and dignity of the country and wisely led the Cuban people to make steady social progress, thereby bringing about an epoch-making change.

His life was the great one of a steadfast revolutionary fighter and prominent political activist who dedicated himself to the cause of justice for independence and socialism against imperialism.

His idea still remains alive in Cuba and the socialist cause of the Cuban people steadily advances.

The precious feats performed by him in the Cuban revolution and world socialist movement are remembered by the Cuban and Korean peoples and all other world progressives.

The struggle of the Cuban people is sure to win as his idea remains alive and there is the strength of the unity centered on the Communist Party of Cuba and the firm faith based on the slogan "Socialism or Death, We Will Win!"

The DPRK people, in the future, too, will always be in the same trench with the fraternal Cuban people in the struggle to advance the socialist cause under the unfurled banner of revolution and make all efforts to develop the bilateral friendly and cooperative ties.

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