The 5th Plenary Meeting of the 7th Central Committee of WPK convened (2st-day meeting held)


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The second-day meeting of the Fifth Plenum of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea was held on December 29.

Chairman of the WPK Kim Jong Un kept making a report on the work of the Party Central Committee and the whole of the state affairs.

He made an all-round and anatomical analysis of the issues arising in the whole of the nation-building including the state control and economic construction at present.

He proposed the orientation of struggle to bring about a decisive turn in the economic development of the country and the people's living in line with the demand of the Korean revolution and the building of a powerful socialist country and its practical ways in detail.

He presented tasks to rationally arrange the economic work system and order of the country and establish strong discipline and to urgently correct the serious situation of the major industrial sectors of the national economy, and stressed the need to take practical measures to further strengthen the independent economy of the country.

Referring to the decisive increase of the agricultural production, he suggested important issues to reap a better harvest under the banner of the scientific farming-first principle and effect a fresh turn in all fields of agriculture including stockbreeding and pomiculture.

He presented tasks and ways to improve science, education and public health including issues on giving good political guidance to scientific researches and on laying solid material and technical foundations in education and public health.

He underscored the need to vigorously conduct the movement for increased production and economy and for raising quality, protect the ecological environment and take thorough measures to prevent natural disasters.

Mentioning the need to take proactive and offensive measures to thoroughly ensure the sovereignty and security of the country in conformity with the demand of the prevailing situation, he indicated the tasks to be carried out in the fields of external affairs, munitions industry and armed forces of Korea.

He stressed once again the issues on intensifying the struggle against the anti-socialist and non-socialist practices, strengthening the work of the working people's organizations and tightening moral discipline in the whole society.

The report of Chairman Kim Jong Un which continued at the second-day meeting enjoyed support and approval of the entire participants as it analyzed the situation at home and abroad and represented clear ways to promote the socialist construction in an all-round way and the revolutionary stand and strategy of struggle of the WPK.

The plenum continues.


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