South Korean authorities denounced for their silly act

Kwon Jong Gun, Director for American Studies of the DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs, gave a statement to media on the 11th.

The statement reads:

It is said that a fool gets more silly as he grows up. It means the south Korean authorities.

It is proved well by the fact that the south Korean authorities announced that they would rename the joint military exercise "drill of the south Korea-US joint command posts in the latter half of the year" instead of the initial name of "Alliance 19-2" and start it in real earnest from the 11th.

It is a miscalculation to think that the aggressive character of the exercise would change as it is renamed or we would overlook it.

Excrement will still give off a bad smell even though it is wrapped in a stiff cloth with flower patterns.

What cannot be overlooked is that concerning our regular measures to modernize conventional weapons, the Blue House made a fuss while calling an "emergency meeting of ministers concerned" though it is not the wartime.

When our army made a firing demonstrating its might last time, they were embarrassed as they could not decide a range properly, and were made a laughingstock of all people. Far from drawing a due lesson from it, however, they are floundering without sleeping properly at dawn though it is not their own affairs. It is really ridiculous.

Seeing such attitude of the Blue House, the south Korean "people" may regard it as "master" to ensure security properly, but we consider it to be a scared dog barking more loudly.

Even the US President recognized our sovereignty as a sovereign state virtually, describing our test for development of conventional weapons as a very small missile test which is made by any countries. However, why on earth are the south Korean authorities talking this or that about the development of our self-defensive arms, saying it aggravates military tension and they urge us to stop the development!
  Moreover, while openly conducting the war exercise against us, they are making a great fuss, trying to calumniate us. This is a brazen-faced act of a thief calling "Stop thief!".

It is a pity that our opposite side is so poor and miserable.

It is very wrong if the south Korean authorities think that they can pass the crisis without difficulty by renaming the military exercise.

It would be good for them to bear in mind that in case a good atmosphere toward dialogue is created and we come out for dialogue, such dialogue will be thoroughly DPRK-US dialogue, not a north-south dialogue.

Clearly, we are a conceptional enemy in the military exercise. They must think that the north-south contact itself will be difficult before they give up such military exercises or make a plausible excuse or explanation about them with sincerity at least.

We will settle account with it and watch the behaviour of the south Korean authorities.

If they let such laughingstock as Jong Kyong Du make nonsenses in a bid to save their face, it will be a silly act of trying to put out the flames with oil.

As it pretends to be ensuring security, the Blue House will fail to sleep at dawn properly.

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