South Korean Schoolchildren Demand Cancellation of National Security Law

   June 12, Juche 110 (2021) 《Tongilvoice, RSTV》   


On June 6, the Middle and High School Civic Solidarity movement held a protest in front of the National Assembly building on June 6 and demanded the repeal of the infamous National Security Law.

At the protest, middle and high school students, a new generation of South Korean youth, decisively declared that the National Security Law, which adults have not been able to get rid of for more than 70 years, is completely out of date. They criticized the "law" as an instrument of tyranny, which is selectively used against the unwanted.

The protesters called for an investigation into the actions of Kim Jin Tae, who was a member of the Saenuri Party in South Korean National Assembly during the 2016 Candlelight Revolution. They also stressed that the "National Security Law", which suppresses the freedom of political thought of South Korean youth, is not only an "adult problem" and should be repealed immediately.

Insisting that the National Assembly immediately repeal the "Security Law", the schoolchildren chanted: "The future generation of junior and high school students is coming!", "Let's crush the old evil - the <Law on National Security>!".

The group announced that by August 15, it intends to collect 10,000 signatures in stages for the "Declaration by Middle and High School Students on the Need to Abolish the National Security Law."


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