South Korean Young Singers, Subordinate to Large Corporations, are Doomed to Suffering


(Ariran Association) - South Korean media report that South Korean young singers, subordinate to large corporations, are doomed to suffering.

As noted, most of the singers of well-known groups, including BTS (방탄 소년단) and Black Pin (블랙 핑크), sign exclusive contracts with big companies such as SM Entertainment (SM 엔터테인먼트) at an early age. Young talents are forced to do this in elementary school in order to get the necessary education and try to make a career in show business.

Performers say that large corporations, immediately after signing the contract, completely deprive them of the right to privacy and force to train seriously, allocating only 2-3 hours a day to sleep. However, most of the profits are withdrawn from them under the pretext of fees for "education".

As for young singers, many of them are not only beaten and insulted during the "educational process", but also forced to provide sexual services to various politicians and businessmen. One of the performers committed suicide by leaving a note informing the world about the conditions in which she had to live.

In this regard, not only the South Korean but also the Western media strongly condemned the practice of unfair contracts with minors, and also opposed the cruelty of the system of "education" of young singers, which, it can be said, are kept by conglomerates in the conditions of modern slavery in South Korea.


Traditional music in South Korea is on the verge of extinction

According to South Korean news outlets, traditional music in the South is gradually disappearing.

According to the data published in the media, this direction disappears as a form because the share of teaching of Western and traditional music in kindergartens and elementary schools is 9 to 1. This has already led to the phenomenon of teenagers perceing guitar as a national instrument.

It is emphasized that the number of university faculties studying traditional music continues to decrease. There are hundreds of pro-western music organizations, but there are only a few art associations specializing in traditional music. In particular, the artists note that recently the musical direction "Fusion  Gugak" (퓨전국악) ,combining traditional and western elements, has gained a certain popularity.

Meanwhile, the understanding of the essence of traditional music disappears even among South Korean art historians. The media regret that the existing musical traditions are being supplanted by Western trends.

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