Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Guides Master Plans for Kanggye and Manpho Cities


Comrade Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the WPK and Chairman of the State Affairs Commission and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the DPRK, guided the master plan for construction of Kanggye and Manpho Cities while examining it together with leading officials of the party, administrative and designing organs in Jagang Province.

Seeing the master plan and the miniature of the cities, he was briefed on the plan for their formation and presented tasks and ways to build those cities wonderfully according to the demand of the times.

He pointed out that all the buildings have been arranged disorderly like a history museum of buildings as the city construction was carried on in the way of filling up vacant lots without specific calculation. And he underlined the need to arrange the construction sections with clear features--ideological education area, industrial area and cultural area--and make bird's-eye views of the sections according to it to build them according to a plan by year.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un said it is, first of all, important to make good use of the unique characteristics of the locality in the city formation, and stressed the need to make a scientific blueprint showing the character of the region and build the structures in a diverse style and in a peculiar way to face-lift the cities, following the experience of Samjiyon County which is being built into a model of modern mountain city.

He pointed out the poor afforestation of Kanggye City. Saying the afforestation is an important work to provide the people with cultural and emotional living conditions and environment, he underscored the need to plant various species of trees in good harmony with the mountain area and create more green belts.

If the provinces build and run good tree nurseries needed for creation of forests and forest of economic value and tree nurseries mass-producing ornamental trees, street trees and flowers necessary for urban management, it will give a big help to the afforestation of the provinces, cities and counties, he added.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un also said what is most important in the city construction is to thoroughly observe the principle on ensuring convenience of the people and gave instructions on maintaining and reinforcing minor power stations run by the provinces and cities to increase power generation, actively combining the electric heating, geothermal heating and natural energy to solve the heating problem of the buildings and decisively increasing the water-producing capacity of reservoirs to ensure the daily amount of supply of water per an inhabitant on a high level.

Saying it is a very vital issue to prevent the ecological environment from being polluted to take good measures for sewage disposal when building a city, he underscored the need to do the substructure project in a scientific way and put the sewage purifying facilities into normal operation to thoroughly purify the industrial sewage and domestic sewage.

For powerful construction it is necessary to quickly develop the finishing building materials, he said and added that the cement factory, tileries and other building materials producers in the provinces should be built well and production revitalized to produce finishing building materials needed for local construction.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un looked at the building parts produced in Jagang Province and appreciated that the coloured tiles had been made very well. He stressed the need to organize a national exhibition in the field of building materials once a year and encourage the local areas to actively develop and use building parts.

He said: In order to bring about a change in the local city construction it is important to strengthen the designing force of the provinces. It is necessary to make a good study of mechanisms of the provincial designing institutions, build them in an integrated way, fully provide them with working and living conditions and train competent designers through cooperation of the central and local organs.

In keeping with the construction of world-level monumental creations one after another across the country, the provincial, city and county party committees should build their seats in a competitive way to represent their characteristics and peculiarities and thus fundamentally change the appearance of the local cities.

We should build structures wonderfully to be handed down to posterity and represent the present era, looking forward to 50 years or 100 years. We should build the provincial seats and other local cities well and thus change the whole country becoming to a socialist civilized country, he added.


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