Chairman Kim Jong Un Guides Power Demonstration Fire of New-Type Tactical Guided Weapon


Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and Chairman of the State Affairs Commission and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, organized and guided a firing for demonstrating the power of a new-type tactical guided weapon on July 25.

The power demonstration fire was watched by officials of the Party Central Committee including Jo Yong Won, Ri Pyong Chol, Hong Yong Chil, Yu Jin, Kim Jong Sik and Ri Yong Sik.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, together with leading officials in the field of defence science, went to a firing area and watching the preparatory processes for launching, learned in detail about the operational mode of the new-type tactical guided weapon system to be newly deployed for operation. And then he mounted an observation post to guide the firing.

Through the firing, the indices of fighting efficiency of the system has been verified satisfactorily once again.

After watching carefully the whole process of firing, Kim Jong Un said:

Today we have come to know better about the superiority and perfection of the new-type tactical guided weapon system. In particular, I think it satisfactory to directly confirm and be convinced of the weapon system's ability to cope with firepower rapidly, the characteristics of the low-altitude gliding- and take-off-type flight orbit of the tactical guided missile difficult to defend and its fighting power. The fact that we have developed and possessed such latest weapon system is of great important significance in developing our armed forces and ensuring military security of our state.

Explaining to the accompanying officials and leading officials in the field of defence science about the irksome situation of the south of the Korean peninsula, comrade Kim Jong Un said the latest arms and equipment recently imported by the south Korean bellicose military desperately, staking their fate on them, are the offensive weapons which cannot be hidden and their aim itself cannot be excused or concealed. He also said the steady development of the powerful physical means to neutralize them, a considerable threat to security of our state and make them used scrap iron at the beginning if necessary and the tests for their deployment for combat action are the most urgent work and activities that should be conducted for security of our state.

The south Korean authorities show double-faced behaviour; they are fumbling with such documents as joint declarations and agreements while producing "handshake of peace" in the face of the world people but inwardly, importing latest offensive weapons and conducting joint military exercises. We are compelled to vigorously develop super-powerful weapon systems to remove the latent and direct threats to security of our state in the south.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un taught the leading officials in the fields of munitions industry and and defence science the direction of researches into the important strategic and tactical weapon systems to be developed consecutively, and presented ways to more firmly consolidate the self-reliant defence capability of the country.

I tell the south about my advice hoping that the south Korean chief executive would realize the danger of the future development of the situation in time, stop self-destructive acts such as import of latest weapons and military exercises and take right attitude like that of April and September last year as early as possible, along with the news of today's firing for demonstrating our power, he added.


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