Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Inspects Mt. Kumgang Tourist Area


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Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and Chairman of the State Affairs Commission and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, gave field guidance to the Mt. Kumgang tourist resort.

He was accompanied by Jang Kum Chol, Kim Yo Jong, Jo Yong Won, Ri Jong Nam, Yu Jin, Hong Yong Song, Hyon Song Wol and Jang Song Ho, senior officials of the Central Committee of the WPK, Choe Son Hui, First Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Ma Won Chun, Director of a Bureau of the State Affairs Commission.



Comrade Kim Jong Un looked round the objects built by the south Korean side such as the Kosong Port, the Haegumgang Hotel, the House of Culture, the Kumgangsan Hotel, the Kumgangsan Okryu Restaurant, the Kumgang Pension Town, the Kuryong Village, the Hot-Spring Village, the Family Hotel, Onjong House No. 2 and a meeting house, golf course and immigration office of the Kosong Port, and the areas of Lagoon Samil, Sea Kumgang and Kuryong Pond.

Learning in detail about the public service buildings in the tourist resort, he seriously criticized: The structures have been hodgepodged enough not to find the national character at all. The buildings are like makeshift installations in an afflicted area or isolation wards. They are utterly backward in architectural beauty and very shabby as they have not been managed properly.

It is quite wrong to have allowed tourism of Mt. Kumgang, a world-famous mountain, after building such houses resembling temporary buildings of construction site there. Those concerned with construction had not built the public service establishments for tourists properly, doing damage to the natural scenery. Due to the wrong policy of the predecessors who had tried to easily make room for tourism and gain profit from it, Mt. Kumgang has been neglected for over 10 years to be marred. It's a pity that the land was left alone. The predecessors had tried to depend on others when the national power was not strong enough and their policy was quite wrong.

Comrade Kim Jong Un said the structures to be built on our land ought to represent the architecture of Korean style with strong national character and they should be built to suit our feelings and aesthetic sense.

He stressed the need to remove all the dirty establishments of the south side which make one unpleasant at a mere glance in agreement with the south Korean sector concerned and build new modern public service facilities becoming to the natural scenery of Mt. Kumgang in our own way.

All the accompanying officials said it is really indecent that those buildings worse than the hostels of the industrial establishments are in the world-famous scenic spot and added in unison that it is natural to remove them and build new structures in our own way.

Kim Jong Un said:

Now Mt. Kumgang is considered to be the common property of the north and the south and a symbol and epitome of the inter-Korean relations and it seems that if the inter-Korean relations do not develop, tourism of Mt. Kumgang is impossible. But it is evidently wrong and it is a misunderstanding.

Mt. Kumgang is our land obtained at the cost of blood and a precipice and a tree in Mt. Kumgang represent our sovereignty and dignity, he said and seriously pointed out that the department concerned of the Party Central Committee in charge of the guidance based on politics concerning the service for tourism of Mt. Kumgang has thoughtlessly allowed to give the lot of the Mt. Kumgang tourist resort and neglected the management of the cultural and tourist resort, causing harm to the scenery.

Our country has many distinguished beauty spots but Mt. Kumgang showing multifarious natural scenery is an assemblage of scenic beauties, he said and put forward specific tasks to wonderfully develop a modern cultural and tourist resort in the area of Mt. Kumgang so that the people can relax themselves while fully enjoying the natural scenery of the country. 

Comrade Kim Jong Un underscored the need to build the Kosonghang coastal tourist area, the Piro Peak-climbing tourist area, the Haegumgang coastal park area and the sports and cultural area in Mt. Kumgang, map out and examine first the master plan for development of the Mt. Kumgang tourist resort according to it and build them on an annual basis and stage by stage after dividing the project into three or four stages.

He presented specific issues arising in developing the Mt. Kumgang tourist resort in a peculiar way including those on building modern hotels, inns and panel-type lodgings in those areas and rebuilding a golf course well on a world standard, on building a port passenger station in the Kosonghang coastal tourist area and blocking the surroundings of the port, on building an airport for tourists in an adjacent county and building a new train service route for tourists from the airport to the tourist resort and on building a ski resort under the condition that there is much snow in winter. 

Kim Jong Un said:

Architecture is an important criterion intuitively showing the civilization of the country and nation and the development of a society concerned. It is necessary to pull down all the dirty hotels and panel-type lodgings here and there in the Mt. Kumgang tourist resort and wonderfully build the structures showing typical architectural form of Korea which combined national characteristics and modernity so that foreigners can see the Korean architecture while touring the celebrated mountain of Korea.

The area of the Mt. Kumgang tourist resort should be built well into a cultural and tourist resort combining Mt. Kumgang, the Wonsan-Kalma Coastal Tourist Area and the Masikryong Ski Resort as befitting a world's beauty spot.

It is important for our people to have a common understanding of the fact that if the south Korean compatriots want to visit Mt. Kumgang wonderfully built into a world's tourist resort, we will always welcome them, but it is undesirable to recommend the south side for tourism of our celebrated Mt. Kumgang.



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