Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Inspects Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort


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Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and Chairman of the State Affairs Commission and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, gave field guidance to the construction site of the Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort nearing completion.

He was accompanied by Jang Kum Chol, Kim Yo Jong, Jo Yong Won, Ri Jong Nam, Yu Jin, Hong Yong Song, Hyon Song Wol and Jang Song Ho, senior officials of the Central Committee of the WPK, and Ma Won Chun, Director of a Bureau of the State Affairs Commission.

Comrade Kim Jong Un received a detailed report on the project from leading officials of the Construction Headquarters and looked round the indoor and outdoor spas, ski resort and other areas for treatment and recuperation and multi-functional sports and cultural area.

He expressed great satisfaction over the construction of the Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort which is wonderfully being completed in a short time though it is only 50 days after his inspection in late August.

Looking at the magnificent resort as a comprehensive hot-spring cure and service centre for the improvement of the people's health and as a sports and cultural recreation centre, he said:

The resort has been built to suit well the geographical characteristics and natural surroundings. Especially the architectural groups are harmonious and the mutual combination of buildings is very good. This is a leap forward in architecture. I am proud of our architecture.

Seeing the public service buildings of the hot spring resort from the observatory, Kim Jong Un said with great pleasure:

They are really unique. They are flawless. The dwelling houses for the employees of the service units are like a high-class villa. The rural villages around the hot spring resort have become a model of the construction of rural villages. This is the construction of our stye, that of Korean style.

Though the country is difficult and everything is insufficient, the hot spring resort has been built by our own strength. The hot spring resort is a material wealth and mental wealth. The hot spring resort has been built by the People's Army. The unit involved in the project is good at both combat preparations and construction. The soldier-builders have done really worthwhile job for the future of the country and the happiness of the people in hearty response to the intention of the party, he highly appreciated.

Comrade Kim Jong Un estimated that the Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort is not only fresh and unique in its architectural form and content but also everything is on a high level ranging from design to construction.

He said:

It is important to maintain the principle of convenience first and aesthetics first while correctly combining the national character and modernity and ensuring harmony, originality and diversity in architecture in the future, too, lay out the structures becoming to the natural areas concerned and make good colours and shapes according to the surroundings and atmosphere.

Heating pipe should be buried along the walking passage to the outdoor spa and waste hot-spring water used not to freeze even in the snow during winter. Since the project is at the final stage, it is necessary to do it qualitatively by paying attention even to the details so that the people in the hot spring area cannot feel any inconvenience in full consideration of the seasonal effect by climate conditions in the operation in the future.

The demand of construction should be thoroughly observed in the final works. In the road pavement of the resort now under way it is necessary not to resort to the haphazard way and empiricism but to give priority to mechanical and engineering calculation and thoroughly observe the demand of construction and the demand of technical regulations.

Strong revetments should be built around the railways newly laid in the hot spring resort, turf planted on the incline and the plan of afforestation mapped out in a prospective way and persistently promoted to make the surrounding mountains thick with green woods in coming few years.

Underscoring the need to do afforestation in the hot spring resort in particular, Kim Jong Un said that a lot of needle-leaf trees have been planted now and it is necessary to form a forest of white birches and plant many maple trees.

Looking round the indoor spa, he pointed out that the ornamental tropical plants in the spa do not become to the feelings of the Korean people and instructed on correcting the formation of the inside.

He said:

Since the Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort is a new sphere of public service as a comprehensive centre for treatment and recuperation, all the service workers should have a common knowledge of the hot-spring culture and learn well the forms and contents of services of the countries with developed hot-spring culture.

I like that stones produced by the stone mines of our country were used for the construction of the hot spring resort. We should bring the building materials industry of the country in step with the developing construction speed. We should actively develop and produce modern and efficient construction equipment and tools and thus push ahead with the work of decisively raising the level of mechanization in the field of construction and localizing the building parts as a political task.

Now that the railways, roads, township area and rural villages have been built on a modern basis while building the Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort, we should accelerate the work to rebuild the local industry factories and modernize the equipment so as to enhance the level of material life of the people in the county. In order to speed up cultural development of socialism in the whole area of the country in the future it is necessary to build well special construction mechanization stations in all provinces.

As we have developed the Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort, we should readjust and develop the cultural and tourist bases throughout the country one by one so that the people can make an effective use of the natural resources of the country. If we do the work in our generation, though we have difficulty now, the rising generations will benefit from it.

It seems yesterday that we unfolded the master plan of the hot spring resort and discussed its construction in the secluded mountain area. But a miracle was wrought in less than one year. The whole aspect of Yangdok County has been completely renewed. The surroundings and atmosphere of the Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort are really good. If the spas and the ski resort start their operation, they will be crowded with people. How good it would be if we could show such scene of Yangdok to the great Kim Jong Il!

Looking round the Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort, I feel clear-headed and refreshed. It stands out in contrast to the Mt. Kumgang tourist area. It comprehensively and intuitively shows the essential difference between the architecture of the capitalist enterprises that had built structures and pursued profits and the socialist architecture which applied the demand and desire of the working people.

Construction is like an important ideological work as every structure represents the idea of the times, the height of dignity of the people and their level of civilization. We should establish Juche in architecture and thus thoroughly apply the Korean nation-first principle and the people-first principle.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un expressed the great expectation and belief that the entire builders would carry out the remaining project qualitatively in time, true to the noble intention of the party, and thus complete the Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort as a wonderful monumental structure in the era of the Workers' Party.


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