Supreme Leader Kim Jong Ung Inspects Yangdok Hot Spring Resort Again


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Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and Chairman of the State Affairs Commission and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, gave field guidance to the construction site of the Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort before its inauguration again.

He was accompanied by senior officials of the Central Committee of the WPK.

Looking round the buildings for relaxation and recuperation of working people, inns, indoor and outdoor spas, general service facilities, riding park and skiing area, Kim Jong Un learned in detail about the projects according to the tasks presented by the Party after his field guidance to the construction site on October 23.

He expressed satisfaction to learn that the soldier-builders of the People's Army have done the finishing work of construction delicately while correcting the problems pointed out last time to complete all the projects such as the construction of the section for medical treatment and recuperation and that of the skiing area section in a qualitative way.

Chairman said:

The buildings of the Hot Spring Resort have been finished with different sizes and colours of tiles produced at the Chollima Tile Factory. They have been tiled in a new form and so they are nice-looking. As I pointed out last time, the handrails of balconies of the buildings have been painted white, which look clean and elegant all the more. All the buildings are really wonderful.

Looking round the indoor spa last time, I pointed out that the decoration should not be made with tropical trees. Service personnel of the People's Army have made a decoration with pine trees. How good it is! They all seem to be real pine trees. It is necessary to depict them in a more detailed way.

He acquainted himself in detail with the tasks presented by the Party such as the task to make more skylights in the indoor spa, remove the diving tower and pavilion in the swimming pool and re-form the inside, the task to finish the surroundings of the individual bath water tanks with parquet instead of artificial turf, the task to set up a closet for seasonings in the egg-boiling place of the outdoor spa, the task to bury a heating pipe in the walking passage to the outdoor spa and pass the hot-spring waste water through it and the task to widen the parts with steep incline on the ski runs. And he appreciated that a lot of work has been done in a short period.

Kim Jong Un also said:

I had instructed to ensure the heating of houses of the employees of the Hot Spring Resort with the hot-spring waste water. All people who moved to the new houses like it. It is really good to make an effective use of the hot-spring water.

The Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort is a service centre for treatment using hot spring and a multi-functional sports and cultural complex our Party is building to improve the health and welfare of the people and provide them with a new cultural and emotional life. Any trifling shortcomings can never be tolerated, he said and indicated one by one specific tasks to complete the Hot Spring Resort and operate and manage it.

Comrade Kim Jong Un said the riding park under construction at the Hot Spring Resort should be completed quickly so that the working people can enjoy a sports and cultural life and take hot-spring bath while skiing and riding horse there. He also noted that a golf course should also be built in the area in the future.

He said that since the date of inauguration of the Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort is approaching, the party organizations, officials and workers of the units in charge of the services should make perfect preparations in a responsible manner with the spirit of devoted service for the people lest there should be any shortcomings in the service activities.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un stressed that the headquarters of the construction of the Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort should organize and guide more properly the finishing work to conclude the unfinished projects until the date of completion set by the Party and ensure the inaugural ceremony.


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