Theory of "Multi-Racial, Multi-Ethnic Society” - Threat to the Nation

   Pyongyang, August 16 (RSTV)   


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Due to the fact that recently some US politicians have been forcing the issue of "multiculturalism policy" not only in order to manipulate the masses in the short term, but also to discredit socialist ideas in general, we publish a prophetic archival article by Rodong Sinmun under the heading 《Theory of "Multi-racial, Multi-ethnic Society” - Threat to the Nation》 dated April 27, 2006.

For a better understanding, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the work "On the Correct Understanding of Nationalism" by the Great Leader Kim Jong Il.

Pyongyang, April 27, 2006 (KCNA)   The concept of the multinational, multiracial society is a threat to the nation. Recently, harmful tendencies have unfolded in South Korea, which are aimed at creating a "multi-racial, multi-ethnic society", and thus are aimed at destroying the essence of what makes us the Korean people after all.

The initiators of these disorderly tendencies talk about "turning South Korea into a region of mixed races", to which the blood of Americans and representatives of other races shall be added to "overcome closed nationalism". They talk about the transformation of South Korea into an "open multinational society" such as the United States of America.

Such words and ideas already are like the thrusting of a knife right towards the heart of the nation. But even worse is the fact that the political concept of the "multi-racial, multi-ethnic society", which is full of enmity towards the people, has already left the discussion stage. The textbooks of secondary and primary schools, which until now emphasized that Koreans are "descendants of the divine progenitor Tangun", "people of the same blood" or that Koreans are the "Han nation", are now going to include statements about the "multi-racial, multi-ethnic society" from 2009 onwards. Further, the terms "family created as a result of marriage with a foreigner" and "family of foreign workers" will be replaced by the concept of the "multicultural family".

One cannot be so blind as not to understand that such conversations will cause the anger of the Korean people.

The theory of a "multi-racial, multi-ethnic society", which is spoken out by the South Korean traitorous forces who are currying favour with the USA, is a theory of national destruction that denies the unity of the Korean people, seeks to mix it with other nations, pollute it and Americanize it.

A nation is a historically formed community, characterized by the unity of social life and sharing of a common destiny. A nation exists in so far as it has features that distinguish it from other nations. The fate of peoples and the development of society are unthinkable without the nation. The national spirit has become an important weapon in personal and social development. Because of this, all peoples value their uniqueness and emphasize their excellent qualities, thus forming a national identity among the members of the nation and uniting them. Today, as the peoples of different nations are resisting the dirty wave of "globalization" that has swept the world, insisting on their ethnic uniqueness and taking measures to protect it, there is not a single nation left that would engage in self-denial.

In the modern world, where dominationism and colonialism threaten the destinies of small nations, to deny the uniqueness and excellent qualities of our homogeneous, monoracial Korean people is a treacherous preaching of the spiritual disarmament of the nation.

Pro-US traitors who sing about a "multi-racial, multi-ethnic society" do not even knowthe basic concepts of the national worldview and the history of the development of society. They are idiots, devoid of the national spirit.

Our Korean people is proud of it's racial homogeneity, the likes of which no other people in the world has. It has become a spiritual source of unity, which is necessary in our struggle for the eternal development and prosperity of the nation. Realizing the value of national homogeneity, Koreans shed blood and sacrificed their lives to move forward on the long and difficult path of reunification, and now we are entering a new era of the "June 15 Agreements" with all our patriotic fervor. If we cannot save the racial homogeneity of our people, we cannot protect either the nation or individuals who will become defenseless against US domitionist schemes. Moreover, we will not be able to prevent the re-invasion of Japanese reactionaries, who even now brazenly claim sovereignty over the Dokdo Islands. The anti-national nature of the argument about a "multi-racial, multi-ethnic society" is that it denies the existence of the nation, and is thus laying down the nation and the state into the hands of the imperialists.

When people call for the entire nation to join forces in the reunification of the Motherland and to contribute to the dignity and greatness of our homogeneous nation, such talk about the ethnical denial and destruction of the nation is a serious problem. Now it is time for a fully independent national unification, which should end the 60-year division of the North and the South and establish the complete homogeneity of our nation. The theory of a "multi-racial, multi-ethnic society" is a poison that weakens the spirit of our era, a theory directed against the unification of our country. This theory, full of hate against the ethnical essence of the people, is aimed at making the North and the South racially different. This theory is the result of the criminal policy of pro-US groups inside the leadership of South Korea, including the "Hannara Party", which seeks to perpetuate the division of the country and oppose the spirit of the "June 15 Agreements".

If we talk about the problem of South Korean half-breeds, this is entirely a consequence of the US military occupation of South Korea. How unspiritual they must be not to raise the issue of the withdrawal of US troops, which could put an end to this tragedy! But instead, they are only trying to further amplify the problem.

The spread of talk about the "multi-racial, multi-ethnic society" deprives South Koreans of the opportunity to overcome national shame. These conversations show how dangerous the criminal schemes of the United States, seeking to build a unipolar world, are.

All the social strata of the people of South Korea should boldly resist the anti-national schemes of traitorous lackeys who are trying to destroy our identity and national essence and who are even attempting to pollute the blood of our nation. The banner of "national unity" and "the primacy of the Korean nation" must be held high.

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