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The Eternal President comrade Kim Il Sung devoted himself entirely to his motherland from a young age. As soon as studying at military school, he has rallied the youth around himself and began revolutionary activities.

By year 1926 the tasks in hand were the Japanese imperialism overthrow, the struggle for independence and the further development and strengthening of Korea’s potential. Then the first roots of the Workers’ Party of Korea began to come up.

The requirement of that period was to follow the will of the masses, so that comrade Kim Il Sung has created unfading ideas of Juche. The reliance on their own power and the recognition of the people’s masses as a propulsion force and masters of revolution have highlighted the right path for the country in a state of difficulties.

Later, the common ideological contribution of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il formed an ideological trend – Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, which now is the state revolutionary ideology of the DPRK.

On July 3, 1930, the first Juche-type party organization was created in Kalun. In scope of its foundation, preparations for an organized anti-Japanese armed resistance were actively launched under the Kim Il Sung’s lead.

Under the yoke of the imperialist invaders, the Korean people continued to fight, organizing uprisings one after another.

The Great Leader comrade Kim Il Sung created the Korean People's Revolutionary Army - the first revolutionary Juche-type armed force in April 25, year 21 Juche (1932). At that point in time it was called Anti-Japanese partisan army.

The anti-Japanese partisan squads were formed of workers, peasants and patriotic youth. Being united by love for their homeland, they opposed the Japanese imperialists and their columnists.

In less than two years after its creation, the partisan squad has rapidly increased in quantity and strengthened. Some talented military commanders grew up in struggle. Particularly, that was the starting point of the modern Korean People's Army. February 8 is considered to be the date of its foundation.

It was comrade Kim Il Sung who established the training facilities for military-political personnel and organized the core command of the regular armed forces.

Thanks to his vigorous leadership, all issues related to the construction of regular armed forces were resolved in a short time frame. Military-political personnel were trained, military units of various types and branches were formed and the basis for an independent military industry was laid.

Having land reform created, comrade Kim Il Sung has turned the peasants into masters of the land. His law on the nationalization of strategical industries has turned workers into true owners of enterprises.

In the year 35 Juche (1946), the Great Leader comrade Kim Il Sung, created and announced the Law on the Equality of Women and Men. That was a big step in the socio-political life of Korea.

Women have been given equal rights to elect and be elected, the right to serve in all public authorities, the right to get their labour rights guaranteed and to receive social security.

In addition, privileges were created for large families: the allocation of an inhabitation, the provision of free food baskets, medicines, and household items. The women of those families are heralded with an honorific “Hero mother”.

To ensure their fulfilling life, the state establishes nurseries, infant schools, networks of public services centres in settlements, factories and enterprises, so that women have an opportunity to work, and are helped to raise children at the expense of public funds.

Currently, the women share among the deputies of the 14th convocation SPA (Supreme People’s Assembly) of the DPRK, is 17.6%.

Except of this law, there are some others, including the Socialist Constitution of the DPRK, the Law on Enforcement of Women Rights, Socialist labour legislation and the Children’s protective and educative act.

The Great Leader Kim Il Sung’s foreign activities deserve a couple more words. Proving himself a true professional, he maintained relations with both the USSR and China during the Soviet-Chinese conflict. He visited the Soviet Union more than 20 times.

On October 1st, 1946, Kim Il Sung University was founded by direct decree of the Eternal President. Nowadays, the university unites 3 institutes (law school, institute of literacy and computer sciences institute), 13 faculties, more than 10 research institutes and centres of learning.

The university employs more than 2,000 professors, including 400 academicians, corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences, full professors and doctors of sciences. Over 10,000 students are studying there now.

The University has a natural science museum, a library, a publishing house, a printing house, a sports house, and dormitories in order to provide students with well-rounded human development capabilities.

Thanks to the wise rule of the Eternal President comrade Kim Il Sung, Korea was able to obtain an independent economy. His ideological contribution has become a reliable basis for an independent state being constructed.

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