April Tells a Story
  One of them is a touching story about the day when the great leader
  In the Democratic People's Republic of Korea there are lots of stories told along with April.
Kim Il Sung was awarded the title of Generalissimo of the DPRK.
Kim Il Sung was awarded the title of the DPRK Generalissimo on April 13, Juche 81(1992).
  When the decision on it was reported, the people chanted "Long Live Generalissimo
Kim Il Sung!".
  In his teens
Kim Il Sung kept the truth that the national sovereignty and dignity can be defended only depending on arms and won only victories in the total confrontations with imperialism for a long time.
  It was the greatest honour and pride of the Korean people to have him who proudly glorified the ever-victorious history all his life with the unusual military wisdom, matchless courage and confidence and outstanding leadership ability.
  That is why the Korean people presented him with the generalissimo's uniform shining with gold star, along with the title.
  However, he declined with thanks as he was anxious about the failure to achieve national reunification.
  One day he complied with photographing, unable to refuse the repeated request of officials any more.
  This is how he had a picture taken, wearing the uniform.
  All of a sudden, he said he would have a picture taken with a sentry.
  In military profession, the generalissimo and the sentry was a great gulf.
  As he loved the soldiers most, however,
Kim Il Sung
intended to have a picture taken with the sentry on the day when the people's desire came true.
  Choosing a site under a tree with apricot blossoms in full bloom, he said that was a good place and he had a picture taken with the sentry.
  The story is still remembered by the people as an anecdote telling about his noble personality.
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