Even on His Birthdays


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The Great Leader Kim Jong Il devoted himself to prosperity of the country and happiness of the people even on his birthdays, regarding the hardship for the people as his pleasure all his life.

He visited Wonhwa-ri, Phyongwon County of South Phyongan Province, on February 16, Juche 58 (1969).

He told the officials there that he had come to learn about preparations for farming and help them.

He slowly climbed up the hill road to the orchard. Looking at the full view of the village for a while, he said it is associated with the efforts of the fatherly leader Kim Il Sung and acquainted himself in detail with the farming, the output of meat and fruit, and the construction of modern houses last year.

After having a deep understanding of the actual conditions of the village, he said: Today I find here that there are still many things to do at the Wonhwa Cooperative Farm. It was right of me to be here. You tried to keep me from working because it is my birthday today. Originally, I don't celebrate my birthday.

He indicated what to be done by the farm for the present and some tasks to be carried out in the future.

Let's make Wonhwa-ri a model of the modern villages with our efforts so as to give a pleasure to Comrade Kim Il Sung. I will help you, he earnestly said.

Thanks to his devotion, Wonhwa-ri was changed into a socialist paradise.

It was on February 16 that he made public the historic work "On Further Improving the Standard of Living of the People". It was also on February 16 that he gave instructions on operating the Pyongyang Cornstarch Factory at full capacity and on running the stock farms in Pyongyang City well to improve the living standard of the capital citizens.

On his birthday in Juche 71 (1982), he also found himself on the road of field guidance all day long. On February 16, Juche 88 (1999), he opened his heart, saying: I have spent today together with the service personnel. It is my pleasure to spend the day for the service personnel and other people. Such a day is my holiday.

Comrade Kim Jong Il spent his birthdays like this all his life.

For him, the birthday was a working day for the people all the time.

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