Tangun, Ancestral Father of the Korean Nation

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Tangun is the ancestral father of the Korean nation and the founder of Ancient Joson, the first state in the history of Korea.



He was born as a son of the chief of a community in the period of frequent wars between tribes. In his childhood and youth he trained himself hard in martial arts and strove to know the laws of nature and society.

He was excellent in martial arts at that time and gradually had a great ambition to reorganize and reform the society. After he became the chief of the community in succession to his father, he gradually reorganized and developed the primitive political structure into a violent structure to control the confrontation between classes and between tribes. Basing himself on such social reform, Tangun founded a country for the first time in the early 30th century B.C. with its capital in the Walled City of Pyongyang and named it Joson.

It is called Ancient Joson in distinction from the later feudal Joson dynasty.



Tangun had been known as a mythical man in the past. But his grave was discovered in Kangdong County of Pyongyang and according to the measurement of the age of his bones, it was confirmed in Juche 82(1993) that he was born 5,011 years ago. As a result, Tangun was proved anew to be the man who founded Ancient Joson, the first state in the Korean history, 5,000 years ago and the ancestral father of the Korean nation.



As he founded a state for the first time in the East, the Korean nation put an end to the primitive times, entered the statehood, an era of civilization, and provided a practical guarantee for developing into a homogeneous nation.

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