Visiting Forefront through Powder Smoke


During the hard-fought Fatherland Liberation War, the Great Leader Kim Il Sung organized and led the entire Korean people to the victory in the war, finding himself on the forefront.

One day in July Juche 39 (1950) he called an official and told him to get ready to leave for the Front Command in Suanbo near the forefront.

It was over 400 kilometres from Pyongyang to Suanbo. All the officials were worried about his safety as it was very dangerous to go there.

Reading their mind, comrade Kim Il Sung called for early departure, saying: Never mind. We are not so dangerous as those fighting bloody battles on the front.

It was very arduous to go to the front.

They had to pass the road on which the enemy planes showered machine-gun bullets and cross the rapids in a river without bridge.

When they reached a village near Suanbo, it was all set on fire by the bombing of the enemy planes.

His car could not advance farther because of the flames.

Kim Il Sung got out of his car and watched the burning village for a while. He told the officials to go around the village in the car as he could not wait until the fire died down. And he walked through the village on fire.

He arrived in Suanbo early in the morning on the second day after departure from Pyongyang.

Without relieving his fatigue from a long journey, he organized and commanded a pressing military operation and solved the knotty problems on the front.

Under the leadership of Kim Il Sung with boundless devotion to the country and people, the Korean people could defeat the aggressors and win a brilliant victory in the Fatherland Liberation War.

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