The Human Face of Korean Socialism

   October 4 (RSTV)   


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In today's unfavorable conditions, when the whole world is plunged into a global crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic and escalating class contradictions, many people are beginning to wonder: what is the face of the Korean socialist system?

To answer this question, we publish a selection of photographs of Alexander Mostov, Chairman of the Coordination Committe of the DPRK ISG, "The Human Face of Korean Socialism." This online photo exhibition, timed to coincide with the founding of the WPK, shows the life of the common Korean people.


➀ Female employees of Gwangbok Shopping Center a few minutes before opening.


➁ A worker advertises a photo studio.


➂ Han Jong Chol, Head of the Department of the Committee for Cultural Relations Abroad, at the Monument of the WPK.


➃ Lonely artist on the Moran Hill.


➄ A KPA veteran tells students about how he and his fellow People's Army soldiers stopped the spy ship Pueblo.


➅ A pensioner reads a newspaper in the Pyongyang Metro.


➆ A female worker at the Ryuwon Shoe Factory is executing a plan.


➇ Chauffeur in the fields of the Changchong Agricultural Cooperative.


➈ Schoolgirls at the Mangyongdae School Children's Palace.


➉ Schoolgirls learn to play the kayageum.

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