Bulgeunbyeol TV (붉은별 TV, Red Star TV, Красная Звезда ТВ, 红星TV, 赤い星テレビ, Estrella Roja TV) is an information project of the DPRK International Solidarity Group in which truthful information about DPR Korea is translated and disseminated. Under the leadership of the chief editor Alexander Mostov, the team of the channel rebroadcasts KCTV and publishes various materials. In case of blocking of one of our channels, new relevant information will be posted on the site. Our team consists of progressive people from different countries, including South Korea.

This site was created in 15.04.108 (2019) as a universal Internet resource, which contains all the most important information from the DPRK. Here you can find the latest news, political analytics, books of Great Leaders and articles about the history of Korea.

From 07.05.108 (2019) Bulgeunbyeol TV officially collaborates with the editors of the Naenara website and the DPRK media.


Project history

On July, 21 106 (2017) , after multiple blockings of the korean and pro-korean channels on YouTube, our organization created a new informational project which helps people all around the world get more reliable information about situation on Korean peninsula.

The work has started right after blockings in July. Back there, the situation on Korean peninsula was very unstable and conservative forces redoubled their efforts in order to hide the truth from public. However, in spite of blockings and restrictions, we have successfully broken the informational blockade.

In just half a year our channel has become popular among people supporting the DPRK. Moreover, the channel has become known among South Korean fellow countrymen who seek for the truth about life in the DPRK. According to the statistics, more than 26% of views are from South Korea.

In November 107 (2018), our initiative has drawn the attention of the DPRK Committee on Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries, which marked the beginning of a discussion on the issue of our obtaining official status in the DPRK.

In January 108 (2019), our editorial team has officially started working with the DPRK, bringing the quality of work to a fundamentally new level. And today, despite numerous obstacles, we continue our work.

Our editorial team thanks viewers and subscribers from all around the world. Due to your support, we have been able to establish ourselves in the media landscape and to improve the quality despite constant restrictions and pressure. We always will disseminate reliable information about the situation on Korean peninsula.