The statement made on May 15th, 108 (2019)


The tension between the USA and the DPRK is rising every day.

On May 9, the unprecedented audacity happened: the US military, under the cover of the anti-Korean "resolution on sanctions" of the UN Security Council and its domestic legislation, attacked the cargo ship of the DPRK named "Wise Honor" in the waters of Indonesia and, taking over the ship, brought it to Samoa. According to the official statement of the US Ministry of Justice, the ship allegedly violated the sanctions regime, and was arrested for this reason. 

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The deputy head of our organization, the editor-in-chief of the Bulgeunbyeol TV at the DPRK Solidarity Group comrade Alexander Mostov and director Kirill Sedukhin flew to Moscow from Pyongyang on May 10th.

During a business visit to the DPRK, comrade Alexander Mostov held talks with relevant employees in the field of the Internet and agreed to start broad cooperation with the editors of Naenara website. In addition, at the state level will be considered the issue of obtaining Bulgeunbyeol TV official status.

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On May 2, the head of Bulgeunbyeol TV, the Deputy Leader of our organization comrade Alexander Mostov and a film director Kirill Sedukhin carried out an official visit to Pyongyang as members of the delegation of the Group of solidarity with the DPRK. 

During their stay there, comrade A. Mostov will meet the relevant workers of the IT field in order to organize a live broadcast channel from the DPRK, as well as to have a talk to formalize the Bulgeunbyeol TV, and to consult workers in order to improve foreign propaganda work.

During the visit, the main part of a documentary about international solidarity with the DPRK will be shoot.
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The statement made on April 29th, 108 (2019) 


April 25, 108 (2019) will always be a special day in the memory of the people of the world as the day of the historic meeting of the Supreme leader comrade Kim Jong Un with the Russian President mister Vladimir Putin. This key event, which marked a milestone in the history of Korean-Russian relationships, was a demonstration of the determination of the leaders of the two countries to ... Read more »

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The statement made on April 11th, 108 (2019) 


Recently, on the night of April 9-10, the YouTube administration, under the authority of Google, carried out a mass blocking of accounts of Korean and Pro-Korean channels engaged in the account of events on the Korean Peninsula. Among the blocked were such famous channels as "Bulgeunbyeol TV" and "DPRK today". A new account of Uriminzokkiri was also deleted. It didn’t have enough time to gain even one thousand subscribers after the previous blocking. It is noteworthy that unlike during other similar in ... Read more »

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The statement made on April 5th, 108 (2019) 


On April 3, 37 Juche (1948) a popular uprising began on the South Korean island of Jeju. It was against the “May 10th Separate Elections”, fabricated by the joint efforts of the United States and the traitorous Syngman Rhee to create a puppet state on the South. 

The heroic popular uprising of the Korean patriots reflected the unshakable will of the Korean people to rej ... Read more »

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The statement made on March 21th, 108 (2019) 


The two-faced position of the American authorities once again creates a hostile atmosphere and raises serious concerns among the world community.

The summit of the heads of the DPRK and the United States, held in Hanoi from February 27 to 28, was the focus of the whole world’s attention. Despite the failure of the signing of a bilateral agreement following the talks, the people of th ... Read more »

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February 15, the evening of Korean culture, devoted to the Day of the Shining Star. This event was held by the "Open Space" youth movement and was devoted to the traditions and culture of the DPRK, in particular, the peculiarities of the celebration of the Day of the Shining Star.

All who came to the event stood up and listened to the immortal revolutionary songs "Song of General Kim Il Sung" and "Song of the General Kim Jong Il< ... Read more »

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On December 14, official preparations began for the filming of the documentary about international solidarity with Korea.

According to the idea of ​​the director Kirill Sedukhin, the main character of the film will be the deputy head of the DPRK SG Alexander Mostov.

The beginning of the shooting is scheduled for the first of January next year.

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Actively supporting the message of the DPRK MFA on the Venezuelan crisis, the chief editor of Bulgeunbyeol TV comrade A. Mostov together with activists of the Russian youth movement "Open Space" attended a reception at the embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the Russian Federation on the occasion of February 4th.

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