A meeting of activists was held to mark the appointment of the new head of the DPRK SG and the celebration of Day of Songun


Last Thursday, the meeting of the DPRK Solidarity Group was held. The main topics on the agenda of the evening were the change of leadership of the organization and the celebration of Day of Songun. 

The meeting was attended by the founder and the Head of the Group of the DPRK Solidarity Group, Vitaly Lebedev, the Deputy Head of the Group, the editor-in-chief of Bulgeunbyeol TV Alexander Mostov, the member of the group Georgy Abzianidze, the editor-in-chief of the Russian Information Service "Korean Radio" Andrei Shin, as well as other Solidarity Group activists and friends of Korea . 

Comrade Vitaly Lebedev started the meeting with a detailed account of his willings to transfer the post of Head of the Group due to lack of free time and to update the Group’s leadership. He had continuously led the DPRK Solidarity Group since 2013, six years at all. Having no higher education in the field of intercultural communication or oriental studies, he nevertheless perfectly found a common language both with the Korean embassy in Moscow and with the Korean side directly in the DPRK. 

There is no doubt that Comrade Lebedev is an excellent organizer and negotiator, and we obviously will have to make a lot of efforts to move on without his direct participation. 

Deputy Head Alexander Mostov, who founded the Bulgeunbyeol TV information project on the base of the DPRK SG, was appointed to the post of leader of the Solidarity Group. The new Deputy Head of the Solidarity Group is Georgy Abzianidze, who had previously been an activist of the Group for five years. 

Comrade Alexander Mostov, noting the success of the organization over five years, emphasized the latest success in the distribution of propaganda materials. He expressed his confidence that Bulgeunbyeol TV will continue to perfectly fulfill its role as a key project of the DPRK Solidarity Group. 

After the organizational part and the symbolic dedication of Comrade Mostov to his new post, the participants turned to discussing another significant date - Day of Songun, which is celebrated in Korea on August 25th. The ideas of Songun, their historical roots and role in the foreign and domestic policies of modern North Korea were discussed. The discussion was fairly held in a friendly and positive atmosphere.


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