A theme evening was held dedicated to the Korean tradition of the Day of the Shining Star celebration

February 15, the evening of Korean culture, devoted to the Day of the Shining Star. This event was held by the "Open Space" youth movement and was devoted to the traditions and culture of the DPRK, in particular, the peculiarities of the celebration of the Day of the Shining Star.

All who came to the event stood up and listened to the immortal revolutionary songs "Song of General Kim Il Sung" and "Song of the General Kim Jong Il", deputy head of the DPRK Solidarity Group, chief editor of the Korean channel Bulgeunbyeol TV made a detailed report on the history of the holiday and the special role of the respected comrade Kim Jong Il in Korean history.

Comrade Mostov noted that the Eternal Chairman Kim Jong Il scientifically substantiated and systematized the Juche idea, and also put the people's army into first place in socialist construction. He also noted the modernization of the production process using CNC technology, carried out thanks to the tireless efforts of Comrade Kim Jong Il, and emphasized that it was thanks to his wise leadership that the DPRK was able to overcome the dangers of a Arduous March and create a basis for improving inter-Korean relations.

Group editor Artyom Antantayev, in turn, added a report on some important achievements of Comrade Kim Jong Il, after which the organizer of the event, Sofia Zvereva, spoke about the Korean traditions of the Shining Star Day and gave a presentation that illustrated her story.

The main part was followed by questions from the audience on free topics. The event participants were explained the attitude of the Korean leadership to international cooperation, talked about social elevators operating in the Republic, discussed the absurdity of some myths about DPR Korea.

In conclusion, a tea party was held, during which participants in the event could once again ask questions to comrades Mostov and Antantaev.

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