Anniversary of "Pyongyang Declaration"

   Moscow - Minsk, April 29 (RSTV)   


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The DPRK International Solidarity Group, together with other progressive parties and public organizations, celebrated the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Pyongyang Declaration.



On April 20, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party "Communists of Russia" Sergey Malinkovich and Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party "Communists of Russia", Member of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG Ilya Kleimenov paid tribute to the memory of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung and the Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il.



Then there was a meeting with Jin Jong Hyeop, Minister Plenipotentiary and Counselor of the DPRK Embassy in the Russia, who, in his welcoming speech, congratulated Comrade Malinkovich on his election as Chairman of the Central Committee.



Comrade Jin Jong Hyeop spoke about the celebration of the 110th anniversary of the birth of the Eternal President Kim Il Sung, which was celebrated a few days ago, as well as about the latest achievements of socialist construction in the Republic. Particular attention during the meeting was paid to the theme of the struggle for multipolar peace and security on the planet and Russia's "Special Military Operation" in Ukraine, consistent support by the Korean side of Russia at all levels of international cooperation.

In response, Comrade Malinkovich thanked the DPRK Embassy for the invitation, and also expressed confidence in the victory of the ideas and principles enshrined in the Pyongyang Declaration.

In turn, Comrade Kleymenov expressed assurances about the continuation and strengthening of friendly and comradely ties between the "Communists of Russia" and the DPRK and the WPK. The meeting was held in a warm and confidential atmosphere.



In the evening of the same day, the delegation of the "Communists of Russia" met with Alexander Mostov, Chairman of the Coordination Committee and the Head of the Russian Executive Committee of the DPRK ISG.

Comrade Mostov personally discussed with Chairman Malinkovich the state of affairs in the Russia and in the international communist movement. He expressed gratitude to the representatives of the "Communists of Russia" for not forgetting the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration and organizing this meeting.

Then Comrade Kleimenov discussed with the head of our organization the situation in the Party after the March factional incident. As a representative of the "Communists of Russia" and a member of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG, he expressed his readiness to further, despite the intrigues of hostile elements, to comprehensively deepen and develop traditional friendly relations with the DPRK.

The meeting participants outlined specific steps to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation.



On April 24, a meeting of the Belarusian Executive Committee of the DPRK ISG was held, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Pyongyang Declaration in Defense of the Cause of Socialism, as well as the 90th anniversary of the creation of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army.

The meeting was opened by Klim Belsky, Head of the Belarusian Executive Committee of our organization, with a report on the occasion of these two significant events.

Then the floor was taken by the head of Leonid Shkolnikov, Belarusian Republican Society of Friends of the Korean People, as a participant in the signing of the Pyongyang Declaration.

Comrade Belsky delivered a detailed report on "The 30th Anniversary of the Pyongyang Declaration of 1992 in Defense of Socialism."


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