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   December 7, Pyongyang (RSTV)   


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On December 5, the Korean Society of Democratic Lawyers, in condemnation of the illegal aggressive intrigues of the United States and its satellites, sent the following appeal to the Coordination Committee of the DPRK International Solidarity Group (DPRK ISG):

Dear friends,

Please accept warm greetings from the Korean Society of Democratic Lawyers in Pyongyang.

Recently, due to the illegal and provocative intrigues of the United States and its satellites, which are trying to encroach on the sovereign measures and security interests of our state in connection with the launch of a reconnaissance satellite and its use, a serious military-political situation has arisen on the Korean Peninsula.

Nuclear strategic assets at any time enter the ports of South Korea, located only 500 - 600 kilometers from Pyongyang, and the “Republic of Korea”, which on November 22 announced the suspension of certain articles of the Agreement in the military sphere between the North and the South of September 19 , thoughtlessly finding fault with our natural and fair launch of a reconnaissance satellite of a sovereign state, in the afternoon of that day in the area of the military demarcation line, at the same time entered into the machinations of a military confrontation reminiscent of the eve of war.


Recently, a US Space Forces Command stakeholder hinted at a military attack on our spy satellite, saying a variety of "reversible and irreversible methods" could be used to weaken a hostile country's ability to use space.

The United States, unfairly finding fault with the fair and legal use of the sovereign right of the DPRK, committed an encroachment on sovereignty and hostile actions, that is, it imposed sanctions against the DPRK along with its satellites, including Japan, the Republic of Korea and Australia.

The launch of the DPRK reconnaissance satellite is a necessary process to strengthen the country's defense capability, and a moment that opened a new phase in the military activities of our armed forces to reliably protect the country's security, and therefore serves as a critical measure that contributes to improving the security environment on the Korean Peninsula.


The United States must respect the DPRK's sovereign decision to freely exercise the right to space exploration, which can be enjoyed by all UN member states, and not interfere or obstruct.

Article 8 of the “Treaty on the principles governing the activities of states in the exploration and use of outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies,” which serves as the international basic law on space, states that objects launched into space are subject to the jurisdiction and competence of the state that launched them, and that ownership of them does not pass to strangers, regardless of whether they return to Earth or not.

Moreover, the technical feature of a reconnaissance satellite is surveillance, which is why it is not considered a space weapon under international law.

The current situation confirms that it is the two-faced position, the behavior of the United States, whose words and actions do not coincide at all, together with the double standard - the apogee of arbitrariness and self-will - that are harmful factors that violate peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.

Our efforts to strengthen all the sovereign rights of our state will be continuous, and the DPRK will continue to enjoy the sovereign rights enjoyed by all UN members with dignity and without any restrictions.

Taking this opportunity, the Korean Society of Democratic Lawyers expresses its firm belief that you, who love justice and peace, have paid due attention to the situation on the Korean Peninsula and have provided absolute support and solidarity in the struggle of our people to protect the country's sovereignty, peace and security in the Korean Peninsula peninsula and region.


Korean Society of Democratic Lawyers

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