Belarusian Activist of Russian Origin Took Part in the Scientific Conference

   April 20, Minsk (DPRK ISG Information Bureau - RSTV)   


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From April 11 to April 13, 113 of Juche (2024), the annual 67th student scientific conference was held at the Taganrog Pedagogical Institute, organized by the Faculty of History and Philology of the Taganrog Pedagogical Institute.

Students from different courses take part in this scientific conference and prepare reports on a variety of aspects and issues of national and world history in general. Participants in their speeches and reports talk about various historical events and processes, as well as about those who are directly related to what changed the course of history in one direction or another.

The 67th student conference was attended by Philip Kolosov, 2nd Secretary for Ideology of the Solidarity Group with the DPRK (Republic of Belarus) and Head of the Taganrog branch of the Belarusian organization.

In his speech, he highlighted the chain of historical events that took place on the Korean Peninsula, from the complete liberation of Korea, which was under the yoke of militaristic Japan, to the arrival of the Syngman Rhee clique (in South Korea) and his fascist friends from the United States and the just struggle of the people of Socialist Korea under the wise leadership of General Kim Il Sung against the imperialist invaders.

The research conducted by Comrade Kolosov is objective because it is based not only on bare facts, but also on specific cause-and-effect relationships that entailed certain actions and consequences. The report used historical bibliography and documentation from countries such as the DPRK, the PRC and the USSR, as well as capitalist countries.

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