Bulgeunbyeol TV statement


Statement by Li Jizheng, member of Coordination Committee of the DPRK International Solidarity Group, deputy editor of Bulgeunbyeol TV, dated June 24, 109 Juche (2020)


Google inc. has oppressed the freedom of expression again.

The google account, owned by Bulgeunbyeol TV, was suddenly banned on the evening June 23. This happened during the broadcast.

It is noticeable, that the incident has occurred "by an amazing coincidence" just before the anniversary of Fatherland Liberation War outbreak – June 25. It is under that logic that the enemies are afraid of some actions committed by DPRK in response to South Korea's provocations.

It comes to light that Google's activity on the YouTube platform is not aimed at ensuring security, but at a vast political censorship and an attack on unwanted point of view. Anti-North Korean channels are being actively promoted every day, but no one bans them. That is a bald-headed "double standard"!

Google inc. shamelessly violates its own slogan- "to organize the world’s information and make ituniversally accessible and useful". It seems like it provides accessibility and usefulness only for those who express points accepted by the Western states.

However, ban is no longer a problem for us. We only experience annoyance and a kind of fatigue.

We are going to back up our videos on Youku further, as far as this platform’s policy is much more sensitive to freedom of speech. However, this does not mean that we will stop broadcasting our position on YouTube – we will continue it as a matter of principle until Google inc. prohibits "freedom of speech" exactly in its user agreement.

Let anti-Korean forces suppress our expression – they may ban our propaganda tools, but they will never be able to suppress our free will and steadfast faith on the bright future of the Korea!

Defend the truth consistently – this is the position of the DPRK International Solidarity Group and the editorial board of Bulgeunbyeol TV.

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