Chairman A. Mostov Meets with Organization’s Activist

   Moscow, October 29 (RSTV)   


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On October 27, Alexander Mostov, Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG, met with the activists of the Russian Executive Committee at the Pyongyang restaurant “Koryo” in Moscow.

The following plans are added to agenda”

Setting up the Central Preparatory Committee to Mourn the 10th Anniversary of the Death of the Great Leader Kim Jong Il.

Explaining the reasons for the dismissal of Nikita Dobrov from his position as the Representative of DPRK ISG in Russia and the necessity of the introduction of the “Self-Criticism Sessions”; Plans about post-elections steps of the Russian Executive Committee of DPRK ISG.

The importance and needs for the organization to translate Lebedev’s "On the Correct Understanding of Respect for the Leader” into Chinese and English.

The discussion on the first agenda of the meeting begins.

On the advises of Russia-Korea Friendship Association, On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the death of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il, our organization will organize mourning activities and establish the Central Preparatory Committee. The committee will be further divided to a series of sub-committees regionally.

Alexander Mostov, head of our organization, was unanimously elected as the Chairman of the Central Preparatory Committee.

In the near future, we’ll send invitations related to the Central Preparatory Committee to various parties and organizations

Soon afterwards, Comrade Alexander Mostov explained why Nikita Dobrov was dismissed from the position in Russia.

The activist's also discussed the problems related to the dissolution of the Russian Executive Committee.

A report by some activists on the state of affairs of the Russian Executive Committee was read out and discussed. From the report, we know that the activities of the Executive Committee are oversimplified into pointless putschism, and a few individuals in Communist Youth League even dare to satirize or openly scorn the Juche Socialism. The head of our Group pointed out that this example is highly representative because the people who laugh at us aren’t even succeeding in their own jobs but complaining about what they called the “injustice” of the election result in Russia.

Comrade Mostov particularly stressed that the activists in Russia should make continuous self-revolution through “Self-Criticism Sessions” in order to avoid making the same mistake again.

Also, Comrade Mostov and participant discussed the result of the election in Russia, set the promoting strategy, and talked the plans to work with certain political powers.

The activist Pavel Borunov gave a report on the political situation in Russia.

The activist Roman Ashchekin gave a report on publicizing the Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism among the universities in Russia.

Then, the conference discussed about the questions related to the establishment of temporary Executive Committee in Germany and United States.

The activist Tim Trendelkamp gave a report that summarizes the current situation of Federal Republic of Germany and introduces the plans on establishing a temporary Executive Committee in Germany.

This propose received positive feedback. Comrade Mostov pointed out that even in countries corrupted by capitalism, such as the Federal Republic of Germany, there are still progressive students who are ready to fight imperialism and develop corresponding plans. He said:

“For sure, there are many barriers and difficulties on our road. But, as what the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung has taught us, ‘A Day of selfless struggling is way heavier and more valuable than thousands of pointless days’. Therefore, comrades, let’s live this way, to be worthy of our life! ”

The participants received the work entitled "On the Correct Understanding of Respect for the Leader” written by Vitaly Lebedev, the ex-head of our organization. This work has won literary award previously. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the death of the Great Leader Kim Jong Il, Comrades Li Jizheng and Anton were instructed to translate this work into foreign languages.

The head of our organization pointed out that this work is the key for our new activist to understand the real Korea. The book were given to every participant. Also, our principal thanked the photography of this conference, activist Artyom Nevsky, and shook his hand closely.

As the end of the meeting, participants watched Comrade Mostov’s documentary 《The Great Leader of Songun Era and His Revolutionary Heritage》.


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