Chairman Kim Jong Un is the greatest leader of our time


The statement made on June 29th, 108 (2019)


On June 29, 105 Juche (2016) went down in history as the most important day in the history of modern Korea, when, at the 4th Session of the 13th Supreme People's Assembly, respected Comrade Kim Jong Un was elected to the post of Chairman of the State Affairs Commission. There is no doubt that this historic decision was a reflection of the unanimous will of the Korean people - continue the sacred history of state-building begun by the Eternal President Kim Il Sung and the Eternal Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Over the past three years, the world has undergone significant changes. The aggressive forces of imperialism, intending to crush the Republic with unprecedented sanctions and pressure, raged in the intrigues of the war against the DPRK. But the Korean people monolithically rallied around Comrade Kim Jong Un under the red banner of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism and went forward with the spirit of self-reliance.

Consistently strengthening the Korean People’s Army in ideological, political and moral terms, the esteemed Chairman Kim Jong Un has turned the revolutionary armed forces of the country into a reliable bulwark of restraining war. It was under his wise leadership that the self-defense power of the DPRK was demonstrated to the whole world, forcing the aggressor to sit at the negotiating table.

Thus, with his strategic decision, the great Comrade Kim Jong Un ensured the safety of Juche Korea and opened new perspectives to it, putting the country on a par with the leading world powers. Not surprisingly, the progressive people admires the outstanding moral and leadership qualities of Comrade Kim Jong Un, seeing in him an exemplary example of a national leader and an outstanding 21st century politician.

The editorial staff of «Bulgeunbyeol TV» expresses its full solidarity with the course of the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. There is no doubt that the Korean people under their wise leadership will certainly achieve new victories on the path of the socialist revolution!

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