Circle for the Study of Juche Ideas Created in Gorno-Altaisk

   November 20, 2017 (News of Gorny Altai)   


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The initiator of the creation of the Society was a student of Gorno-Altai State University Daria Kadkina.

In a conversation with a correspondent of Gorny Altai News, she said that she became interested in North Korea after visiting the World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi, which she managed to attend. “There was a delegation from the DPRK there, the guys speak excellent Russian. We talked, and I became interested in the Juche ideology. North Korea is a very distinctive state. Myths about her have always existed. But there are also many stereotypes about our country, and most of them are lies. The same can be said about the DPRK,” says Daria Kadkina.

According to her, ten people have joined the branch of the Society for the Study of Juche Ideas, and one meeting has already been held. Meetings will be regular. A VKontakte group has also been created, in which messages are published on the topic of studying the Juche ideas, news from North Korea and other thematic information.

According to Wikipedia, Juche is a North Korean national communist state ideology developed by Kim Il Sung. The Constitution of the DPRK enshrines the leading role of Juche in state policy, defining it as “a worldview centered on man and revolutionary ideas aimed at realizing the independence of the masses.”

The subject of the social movement is the masses; a nation with a high sense of national pride and revolutionary dignity is invincible; Unlike the capitalist economy, which strives for profit, the main goal of the Juche economy is to satisfy the needs of the country and the population - these are the main tenets of the doctrine.

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