Comrade A. Mostov Conducts Negotiations with a Russian Video Blogger

   March 21, Moscow (RSTV)   


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Alexander Mostov, Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG, presented the letter of gratterude to a popular video blogger and TV presenter who publicly supported the DPRK International Solidarity Group.

On March 12, Stanislav Vasiliev, speaking for the first time on Russian federal television with the author's program "Stas LIVE", spoke about the numerous repressive measures by the US capitalists. In particular, he mentioned the abuse of censorship by monopoly companies such as Google and Twitter, and cited the deletion of accounts associated with the DPRK as an example.

Comrade Vasiliev said:

I worked for YouTube for ten years. Of these, for six years I worked for free, on bare enthusiasm. I wanted to do something creative and I didn’t even know that I could make money from it. After I became popular, I could not silently look at the surrounding injustice and hypocritical people who try not to pay attention to it.

As a result, YouTube blocked my channel for my personal opinion. Now YouTube removes the channels of people who simply looked at the political situation from the other side, including Dmitry Nikotin, Dmitry Puchkov, Artemy Lebedev and many others. Thus, the enemies try to hide any alternative sources of information.

Do you know who this happened to four years ago? I have friends in the DPRK International Solidarity Group. So, they told me that three or four years ago they decided to go to YouTube to tell: look, we have North Korea, we have such interesting things and sights. They tried to show that their country is not as scary as everyone says. They do not shoot people with a mortar, as the same Jan Topless claims. And you know what? YouTube has removed all of its channels.

If you have a channel about life in North Korea, you will be removed. What is this censorship? Why can't we even say anything? It turns out that YouTube is the same liberal garbage dump as Twitter. The documents that Elon Musk recently published probably do not need to be reminded. People with a pro-Russian are blocked, and the liberal agenda is put forward in the first place.

Go outside, talk to people. Most, of course, are apolitical and do not understand what is happening. It's just that people, even my colleagues, are afraid to express their position, and I understand this very well. But I will never be able to understand people who are ready to insult their Motherland in order to seem like a "good Russian" to someone.

In addition to a letter of gratterude, the video blogger was given two issues of the "National Defense" magazine as a gift, containing articles by Vitaly Lebedev, Military Expert on the Scientific Committee of the DPRK ISG, on the development of missile technologies in Korea.

In a letter, the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG expressed gratitude to Comrade Vasiliev for his assistance in the fight against anti-Korean and anti-socialist propaganda.

It was noted that the Solidarity Group pays special attention to the gratuitous and sincere solidarity on the part of Comrade Vasilyev, and also expresses special gratitude and support to him.

It is emphasized that even in the conditions of the absolute power of monopolists actively using controlled social networks for censorship and inciting hatred, it is important to look for new ways to uphold justice. Thanks to the personal resourcefulness of Comrade Vasilyev and the active civic stand of his subscribers, the "OSPA Group" was able to respond promptly to the intrigues of censorship by Google.

Comrade Mostov congratulated the video blogger and his supporters on successfully blocking the YouTube account of collaborator Dmitry Ivanov, who voluntarily became a US puppet in a hybrid war against Russia. He noted that we are well aware of the problem of the so-called "defectors" who are ready to sell their Motherland and family for hard cash. Our enemies use the same methods against the Russian Federation that were used against us in the past.

The participants of the conversation exchanged views on the current geopolitical situation, specifically discussed further steps to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation on a gratuitous basis, wished each other good health and further success in their work.


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