Comrade Kim Sung U Met with Vice-Rector of 《University of World Civilizations》

   June 5, Moscow (DPRK ISG Information Bureau - RSTV)   


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On May 30, Kim Sung U, Counselor of the DPRK Embassy, met with representatives of the leadership of the University of World Civilizations.

He was accompanied by Alexander Mostov, Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK International Solidarity Group, and Alexey Legoshin, Head of the Friendship Club with the DPRK.

Comrade Kim Sung U toured the Vladimir Zhirinovsky Museum. He familiarized himself in detail with the history of the founding and mission of the University, after which he asked a number of questions about its activities.

He then met with Vice-Rector Maria Bulavina, who presented him with a gift on behalf of the University. The meeting participants exchanged constructive views on the work of the primary cell of the DPRK ISG within the University and expressed their readiness to develop cooperation on a mutually beneficial basis.


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