Day of the Sun Celebrated in the Altai Republic

   April 14, 2018   


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On 04/13/18, the Society for the Study of Juche Ideas in the Altai Republic held a meeting of 6 people (which corresponds to a quorum) dedicated to the birthday of the Eternal President Kim Il Sung.

Daria Kadkina, Chairman of the Society, proposed to notify the residents of the Altai Republic and the city of Gorno-Altaisk about this significant date. By unanimous decision it was decided to hold this action through social networks. Namely, 04/15/18 (on the birthday of Comrade Kim Il Sung), to disseminate information in the largest Internet communities of the city and the republic.

Also present at the meeting was Alexey Kalmykov, First Secretary of the Altai Republican Branch of the Leninist Communist Youth Union. He congratulated his comrades on the upcoming great date and wished them fruitful work and success to our society.



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