Decisions of the Plenum of the WPK Central Committee Supported in Belarus

   Minsk, January 16 (RSTV)   


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On January 15, 111 Juche (2022), on behalf of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG, a meeting was held on the occasion of the Fourth Plenum of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea of ​​the eighth convocation.

The meeting was attended by members of the Belarusian Executive Committee, party leaders and political activists.

Klim Belsky, Member of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG and Representative of the Group in the Republic of Belarus, supervised the meeting.

As head of the Belarusian Executive Committee, Comrade Belsky read out a report on the occasion of the successful holding of the Plenum.

In his report, he noted important aspects of the speech of the Respected General Secretary of the WPK Comrade Kim Jong Un. In particular, Comrade Belsky stressed that the Plenum under discussion was a key event in summing up the results of the first year of the 2021-2025 five-year plan, and emphasized the following.

At this moment of proud summing up of the work for the year, we must first of all analyze the instructive aspects in our work with a cool head. The important purpose of convening this plenum is to learn a number of lessons that will become the driving force for further improvement of the revolutionary policy and awaken our even greater development potential, which is of great practical importance in the development of the cause of the revolution.

The Plenum also discussed the implementation of party and state policies and the work plan for 2022. The results of the state budget expenditures for 2021 were summed up, and the state budget plan for 2022 was discussed and adopted.

The Fourth Plenum of the 8th Central Committee paid special attention to solving problems in the field of the socialist agrarian question of the DPRK:

In the field of agriculture, the field to which the Party attaches the greatest importance, worthy positive successes and noticeable advances have been achieved, giving self-confidence. The main thing here is that a scientific method has been found for a prudent response to disastrous natural and meteorological phenomena and the factors preventing this, on which a stable harvest depends. Thus, confidence in the reliable conduct of agriculture under any conditions was gained. This is a valuable result of the extraordinary patriotic enthusiasm and unwavering efforts of agricultural workers.

The Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un respectfully invited the Plenum, on behalf of the Central Committee of the Party, to express gratitude to the exemplary cadres from various sectors of the national economy and science, who have made a significant contribution to the successful farming in the adverse conditions of this year 2021. The Plenum fully approved this proposal.

The issue of revising a number of articles of the statute of the Workers' Party of Korea, the headquarters of the revolutionary vanguard, was also raised to achieve new goals in the construction of socialism.

It was noted that at this stage, an important issue is the comprehensive strengthening of the leading and combat-ready forces of the party in order to raise the ideological level of party workers.

On a general Party scale, an ideological battle should be launched to overcome formalism in Party work and establish revolutionary discipline, strengthening the cadre in a clean and reliable way.

The Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un emphasized:

“The struggle of 2022 is (this) a grandiose mortal struggle that must be boldly launched without the slightest delay and must certainly achieve significant success for the all-round development of socialist construction, for our great people, for our beloved future generations.”

During the Plenum, the Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un set tasks for the defense industry of the DPRK.

The main task for the military industry is to continuously increase success, in the course of implementing the resolution of the 8th Party Congress, to dynamically accelerate the development and production of powerful military equipment corresponding to modern warfare, and gradually achieve the goal of Jucheization, modernization and science-intensive defense industry.

In the closing speech of Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un at the fourth Plenary Session of the WPK Central Committee of the eighth convocation, a new program guide for the prosperity of the state was outlined, which is a precious practical program that energetically inspires and stimulates the struggle of 2022, for the comprehensive development of socialist construction and the happiness of the people, as well as the all-conquering fighting Red and the revolutionary banner of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung and the Great Leader Kim Jong Il.

The team of the Belarusian Executive Committee of the DPRK ISG wishes that all the goals and tasks be successfully implemented, bringing to a victorious end the cause of the revolution and the construction of socialism according to the precepts of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.


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