Development of traditional friendly relations between Russia and the DPRK is the key to restoring stability in the region


The statement made on April 29th, 108 (2019) 


April 25, 108 (2019) will always be a special day in the memory of the people of the world as the day of the historic meeting of the Supreme leader comrade Kim Jong Un with the Russian President mister Vladimir Putin. This key event, which marked a milestone in the history of Korean-Russian relationships, was a demonstration of the determination of the leaders of the two countries to strengthen traditional Korean-Russian relations of friendship and cooperation, as well as to develop strategic partnership in the international arena.

On these significant days, when the whole of Russia is discussing the long-awaited visit of the leader of the DPRK, the inhabitants of Primorye and the entire Far East remember the long history of Korean-Russian relations, which goes from generation to generation.

As is well-known, the traditional relations of friendship and cooperation originated between the nations of Korea and the Soviet Union during the anti-Japanese revolution, when the soldiers of the Red Army and the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army side by side shed their blood in the fight against a common enemy. To this day, these unbreakable friendly relations established by the Secretary General comrade Stalin and the Eternal President comrade Kim Il Sung in the Soviet era are being comprehensively strengthened and developed for the benefit of the peoples of the two countries. Thus, even after the tragic collapse of the Soviet Union, when all the countries of the former "socialist camp" withstood unprecedented shock, Korean-Russian relations did not fade away: in 89 (2000), the Russian President mister Vladimir Putin visited Pyongyang, where he had a meeting with the Eternal Chairman comrade Kim Jong Il, thus opening a new page in the history of friendship between the two countries.

Our editorial office sincerely welcomes the friendly visit of the Supreme leader comrade Kim Jong Un, who fully continue the policy of the Great leader and the great Commander in the development of Korean-Russian relations! In the context of the rapidly deteriorating situation on the Korean Peninsula, caused by the aggressive rhetoric of the United States and military provocations by South Korea, strengthening trade and economic cooperation with Russia can help to eliminate the negative consequences of the sanctions blockade aimed at economically strangling the Republic. Moreover, since Russia is interested in improving the international situation, the further development of Korean-Russian relations can be an important step towards disrupting the aggressive machinations of external enemies and restoring stability in the region.

Indeed, if we combine forces, we can move the rock. We express our full confidence that under the wise leadership of the comrade Kim Jong Un and Mr. Vladimir Putin the traditional Korean-Russian relations of friendship and cooperation, set down in letters of gold in the history of the two countries, will forever flourish and go from generation to generation!

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