DPRK ISG Statement 10.02.109 (2020)


The statement made on February 10th, 109 (2020)


On February 16 Juche 31 (1942) was born the greatest anti-imperialist hero of our time, the Great Leader of the Korean people, comrade Kim Jong Il. This day is a significant day not only for the Korean people, but also for all progressive mankind, who deeply respects his merits in the development of the cause of socialism.

Born in the Pektusan Secret Camp, Kim Jong Il studied military affairs from his youth as an example of the immortal exploits of his father in order to also bravely protect his country and his people from aggression of enemies. Throughout his life, he comprehensively inherited the cause of the Korean revolution, systematized and scientifically substantiated the Juche idea - the key to the prosperity of the Korean nation.

History has direct evidence of the unfading contribution of the Great Leader Kim Jong Il to upholding and strengthening socialism on a global scale:

During the collapse of the socialist camp, when renegades and other bourgeois sophists slandered the socialist system without a twinge of conscience, he unveiled to the whole world the implacable truth of history, which consists in the inevitability of the victory of the cause of socialism as the most just social and political system based on the will of the masses. In the difficult years of the Arduous March, he provided reliable protection for the cause of the socialist revolution with his Songun leadership, rallying the party, the army and the whole people around him.

A personal example of the great comrade Kim Jong Il, who became the sword of the songun to protect the gains of the revolution of his people, to this day inspires fighters for independence around the world.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that on the Day of the Shining Star, peoples of different countries with admiration recall his unfading contribution to the cause of upholding socialism, wishing to glorious successor of the Pektusan revolution, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, new successes and victories in building a prosperous power.

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