Fritz Schmidt: UK government better to pay attention to "Human Rights" in their country


The statement made on July 17th, 108 (2019)


To my heightened entertainment, it came to my attention that the anglo-saxon merchantile imperialism offered to the world the display of a new shameless offensive action against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

The farcical travesty of a government of Great Britain, which is nothing else but a puppet of their perverted masters who are sitting in government buildings, bank offices and other consiprative establishments in Northern America and elsewhere, put into effect new sanctions against the DPRK and other countries, including the Russian Federation, Saudi-Arabia and Myanmar. 

The justification for these sanctions is Britain's "New Human Rights Regime". The self-declared aim of this "New Human Rights Regime" is to sanction countries or individuals who are acting against the following basic "Human Rights":

  • The right to life 
  • The right not to be subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment 
  • The right to be free from slavery, not to be held in servitude or required to perform forced or compulsory labour 

The British goverment is declaring noble goals with these words. But I urge the British government to self-reflect on what it has declared with these words. 

Over the course of now already several decades, the British government has imported millions of foreigners into Great Britain, whose presence is severly harming the right to a self-determined life of the autochtonous British population, a life which would be accoding the own ethnical and national charactics of the British people.

The foreigners which were imported by the British government are raping British women and even children - for example I think of the 'Asian grooming gangs' in Rotherham and Rochdale. The British government has put into effect a horrid system of Ideological surveillance which assures that no awareness and no political force of true national independence and self-determination can form up in Great Britain. People who are expressing dissent to the ongoing genocide of the British autochtonous population are put out of work and they are shamed on media outlets by the general culture national and ethnical national self-disdain which has manifested its ugly face on the beautiful British islands. British men and women are being robbed, insulted and degraded in the most inhuman and cruel ways every day by foreigners. This happens in schools, on the streets, in private homes, at day and at night.

Is the blonde British boy, who is being beat in the face by Pakistani immigrants after school asked about his 'Human Rights'?  How many British women are held in 'soft' or even 'hard' forms of slavery by the foreign men, who the British imported into the country? British patriots who want to prevent this state of affairs are incarcerated or subjected to other degrading forms of punishment. 

Further, the British government perpetuating a perverted economic system, which is catering to financial elites, and which is exploiting the simple British working man. Has anyone asked the young British student, who will spend many years of his life in financial slavery repaying his grossly exaggerated study fees about his 'Human Rights'?

Does the British government really have the shamelessness to accuse the Democratic People's Republic of Korea of abusing 'Human Rights' in the face of these facts? Does the British government not feel the deepest shame, looking at the formerly beautiful city of London, which has turned into a depressing dystopian landscape, populated by drug-abusing Britons, plastered with surveillance cameras and overrun by foreign immigrants?

Compare this to the beauty and harmony of Pyongyang. A city truely belonging to its people and its nation. A city which is living and working every day for the lasting freedom and self-determination of the Korean people and the Korean nation. The river Thames is full of residues of drugs and alcohol as well as the blood spilled by foreign immigrants. The river Daedonggang in Pyongyang, on the other hand, is clear like a crystal. Clear and pure like the soul of the Korean people, who live under the protection of the Worker's Party of Korea and the Juche Idea.

It is a fact that people are being imprisioned in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Just as it is the case in any other country in the world. And the government of the DPRK indeed has very little pity with political actors who want to create circumstances in northern Korea like they exist on the British islands. But there is no exceeding violence or mistreatment taking place in the correctional facilities of the DPRK. This is a simple lie.

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