German Students Сommemorates Great Leader KIM IL SUNG

   Berlin, July 4 (DPRK ISG Information Bureau - RSTV)   


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On the 29th of June 2024, the European Executive Committee of the International Solidarity Group with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK ISG) convened for a solemn ceremony to commemorate the death anniversary of the Eternal President Kim Il Sung, who passed away on the 8th of July 1994. The event took place at an esteemed Center for Academic Research in Germany and was attended by a diverse group of students from the Faculty of Social Sciences, all of whom expressed a keen interest to learn about the political heritage of President Kim Il Sung and his role for liberation of his Korean Homeland.

The ceremony commenced with a poignant address by Johannes Wittmund, Head of the European Executive Committee. As the meeting took place on the 10th anniversary of Kim Jong Un’s election as President of the State Affairs, Comrade Wittmund used the occasion praising his steadfast dedication to the principles established by Great Leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. It was emphasized that the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un's reliable and visionary leadership has ensured the DPRK's continued commitment to self-reliance and national dignity, upholding the legacy of President Kim Il Sung, whos heritage should be honored with the meeting to follow. 

His opening remarks were a profound tribute to the manifold achievements of President Kim Il Sung across various domains. He emphasized the immortal nature of Kim Il Sung's deeds and his enduring political legacy. Afterwards a lecture was held in the form of an exegesis on the foundational aspects of the Eternal President leadership, which encompassed socio-political, economic, and ideological advancements. He highlighted President Kim Il Sung's successful harmonization of socialism with Korean cultural essence. Drawing on philosophical insights from different german writers, he underscored the importance of preserving national identity within the socialist framework. He concluded by reaffirming the commitment to the necessity of socialist legacy and the teachings taken away from the three core principles of Juche, advocating for a german society that reflects such a cultural ethos.

Thomas Läuer, Ideological Leader of the European Executive Committee, followed with a keynote address that resonated deeply with the audience. His speech meticulously expounded on the similarities between European socialist movements and the Juche ideology. He underscored the universal applicability of Kim Il Sung's partisan principles while highlighting the importance of considering national characteristics. He emphasized that every people must follow their own national path of socialism, an idea deeply rooted in Kim Il Sung’s teachings and introduced the students to the relevance of the works for contemporary socio-political contexts by elaborating on the philosophical underpinnings of Juche, articulating its emphasis on self-reliance and the pivotal role of the masses in the revolutionary process.

Post the keynote addresses, the attendees engaged in an intensive study session. A text of the Eternal President Kim Il Sung, which stresses the need for care and preservation of the historical heritage was read together and discussed page by page. The students had to opportunity to express their thoughts on it and ask questions to the ideological leader of the European Executive Committee. Afterwards the Students were provided with a curated selection of texts authored by President Kim Il Sung to take home. 

A scheduled interlude allowed for personal exchange and networking among attendees. This pause was instrumental in fostering an environment of camaraderie and intellectual discourse about the content of speeches and other questions regarding the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. In this spirit the Students and scholars exchanged perspectives on the practical applications of Juche philosophy in various global contexts. The interlude served as a conduit for the synthesis of ideas, promoting a collaborative spirit among participants.

The event not only honored his memory but also reinforced the ideological tenets he espoused. Through academic engagement and intellectual exchange, attendees gained a deeper appreciation of Juche philosophy, ensuring the perpetuation of Kim Il Sung’s legacy in scholarly and practical realms. The participation of students from the Faculty of Social Sciences underscored the academic significance of the event, bridging historical reverence with contemporary scholarly inquiry.


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