Head of SSJIAR Visited DPRK Embassy

   July 28, Moscow (RSTV)   


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— Fourth Day of the 2nd International Congress of Solidarity —

On July 18, Darya Kadkina, Head of the Society for the Study of Juche Ideas in the Altai Republic as part of the DPRK ISG, visited the DPRK embassy in Russia.

She was met by Ju Kyong Su, First Secretary of the Embassy of the DPRK, and Alexander Mostov, Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG.

Comrade D. Kadkina discussed with the First Secretary of the Embassy of the DPRK various business issues related to the development of our organization in Russia and its Siberian region. Concrete decisions have been made.

She then toured the red corner and photo exhibition, and visited the Embassy library.



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