Hungarian Regional Committee Established

   April 4, Budapest (DPRK ISG Information Bureau - RSTV)   


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On March 27, the founding meeting of the Hungarian Regional Committee of the DPRK International Solidarity Group was held. Peter Gal, Regional Secretary of the DPRK ISG in Hungary, personally presided over the meeting.

This meeting was timed to coincide with the birthday of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung, which is celebrated by all progressive people of the world as the Day of the Sun.

The meeting was attended by public and political figures from the Hungarian Workers' Party.

Alexander Mostov, Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG, spoke to the activists. He warmly welcomed the fair position of the Hungarian Workers' Party, which provided all possible assistance to the Solidarity Group in the formation of the regional committee, and informed the meeting about the decision taken on March 14 to appoint Peter Gal as Regional Secretary.

The speech noted that President Kim Il Sung, paying great attention to the development of Korean-Hungarian relations, maintained high-level contacts between the governments of the two countries. The Korean people well remember the feat of the Hungarian medical team, which selflessly saved many lives during the Korean War (1950 - 1953), as well as the invaluable assistance that Hungary provided to the Republic during the years of post-war reconstruction.

He continued:

— The Hungarian Regional Committee, in many ways, stands at the very beginning of the difficult path that was traversed by the Russian Society for Friendship and Cultural Cooperation with the DPRK in the 90s of the last century.

Due to the large-scale anti-communist and anti-Republican propaganda campaign launched by the United States and the “Republic of Korea”, any connection with the DPRK was completely discredited in the eyes of the public. These were the most difficult years, when the founders of our organization (even the heroes of the Soviet Union!) were afraid to go to the subway with awards because of the ridicule of young people. The level of mutually beneficial cooperation that we have today between Russia and the DPRK seemed absolutely unthinkable: anyone who would suggest that in 30 years our supporters would be famous bloggers and political figures would be called a “dreamer.”

I understand well the difficult situation in which progressive forces in the European Union countries are now. But I am convinced that if we, instead of dogmatically repeating memorized slogans, promote the scientific study of the DPRK to the masses, then the success of our Russian organization, achieved largely thanks to the leadership of Comrade Viktor Petrov and the media activities of Comrade Stanislav Vasiliev, can be successfully repeated in Hungary, and in Germany, and in many other countries!



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