KFA President Arrested in Spain

   December 3 (RSTV)   


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According to senior officials of the Korean Friends Association (KFA), on November 30, Alejandro Cao de Benos, President of the KFA, was arrested in Spain at the request of the FBI.

The organization's statement clarifies that the KFA president was detained on charges of promoting the use of cryptocurrency to circumvent anti-Korean sanctions. The official extradition procedure has not yet begun, but if extradited to the United States, the accused faces about twenty years in prison.

News of the arrest of the KFA president caused anger in many friendly socio-political forces, including the DPRK ISG. Prosecuted by the US authorities in this case, Christopher Emms, also an activist of our organization, strongly condemned the arrest of Alejandro Cao de Benos on the Russia Today channel.

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