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   April 30, Pyongyang (RSTV)   


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On April 30, the DPRK International Solidarity Group received a letter from the Korean Committee for Solidarity with the Peoples of the World.

Below is the full text of the message.

Dear friends!

Recently, puppet traitor Yoon Suk Yeol paid a visit to the United States.

This visit of the puppet traitor Yoon Suk Yeol is the most hostile and aggressive provocative challenge, a voyage to incite a very dangerous nuclear war.

The US and the South Korean puppets, having identified the so-called plan to increase the ability to implement "extended deterrence" as the main agenda of the "summit", discussed the issue of strengthening collusion against the Republic, as a result of which they fabricated and published the "Washington Declaration" and the "Joint Statement".

The "Washington Declaration" to increase the ability to implement the "extended deterrence" provided by the United States is a compact consequence of the brutal hostile policy towards the DPRK.

As for the 2 main contents, called the main aspect of the "Washington Declaration", they reveal in all their nakedness the insidious intention of the United States.

Establishment of a "Nuclear Advisory Group" to actively include puppets in the "use of all nuclear forces" discussion, increase the frequency of U.S. strategic weapons, including strategic nuclear submarines, on the Korean Peninsula, and strengthen "extended deterrence forces" by stepping up joint military exercises and conditional maneuvers make it clear to everyone that the US and the puppets consider a nuclear war against us to be an established fact.

Until now, there have been numerous negotiations and secret conversations between the United States and puppets, in which documents with belligerent phrases have been adopted, but there has not been such a case as the current one, when, in the face of the world, they identified us as a target of a nuclear strike and openly entered the regular and prolonged deployment of nuclear strategic weapons on the Korean Peninsula.

And the current "joint statement" is no different from the previous ones, because it is a dangerous nefarious plan of war and another attempt to strangle us under the guise of "ensuring security." This statement spelled out a plan for strategic cooperation in the field of cybersecurity, approved "expanding trilateral cooperation" between the United States, puppet South Korea and Japan, co-ownership of information about us in real time and regular military exercises to effectively deter and respond to our "nuclear and missile threat.

Thus, the US and the South Korean puppets clearly revealed their aggressive attempts against the Republic.

So far, the United States has transferred various strategic assets and huge aggressive military forces to the Korean Peninsula and the surrounding area, and together with the satellites, conducted large-scale joint and other military exercises against the Republic.

This time, while chatting about raising the “regular demonstration level”, which means the regular and prolonged deployment of strategic nuclear weapons, their active demonstration, they stated in the document that they would send strategic bombers, AUGs and even strategic nuclear submarines near the territorial waters of our country is an unacceptable situation.

Even more seriously, US President Biden, in a briefing after the summit, babbled about a "quick, overwhelming, and crushing response" and also rambled on about the "end of the regime" of our Republic.

In this regard, Kim Yo Jong, First Deputy Department Director of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, voiced her position through the CTC.

She noted: The "Washington Declaration" adopted by the rulers of the United States and South Korea is a compact consequence of the brutal hostile policy towards the DPRK, reflecting their will to the most hostile and aggressive actions, and will entail consequences that create a more serious threat to peace and security in the region. Northeast Asia and the world. No one in any way can welcome such actions.

Another fact that cannot be passed over in silence without settling scores is that the ruler of an enemy state in the focus of attention of the whole world openly, personally used the expression "end of the regime," she continued.

This incident, which reaffirmed the hostile nature of the rulers and militant maniacs of Washington and Seoul towards our state, which is not interpreted or understood otherwise, gave us a clear answer: what should we do in the future, what should we consistently prepare for.

The more madly the enemies cling to nuclear military exercises and transfer more nuclear strategic weapons to the Korean Peninsula, the more will our Republic's enjoyment of the right to self-defense in direct proportion increase.

The full text of Comrade Kim Yo Jong can be found on the KCNA website.

The publication of the "Washington Declaration" and the nonsense of the President of the United States arouse surprise and anger among the freedom-loving peoples of the world, all peaceful organizations and individuals. Various international actions against it are now being launched on a large scale in all countries.

We express the hope that all progressive people and peace-loving forces, having a correct understanding of the current situation on the Korean Peninsula, will severely condemn the rulers of the United States and South Korea, and will continue to support and solidarity in the just struggle of the Korean people both to ensure peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and the region, and throughout the world.

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