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   June 25, Pyongyang (DPRK ISG Information Bureau - RSTV)   


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On June 24, the Committee of Solidarity with the Peoples of the World sent a letter to the DPRK Coordination Committee of the International Solidarity Group (DPRK ISG) in connection with the 74th anniversary of the start of the Korean War.

Below is the full text of the letter.

Dear friends,

Please accept warm greetings from Pyongyang!

It has been 74 years since the United States started the Korean War on June 25, 1953.

The Korean War is an aggressive war that the United States was preparing according to plan for the destruction of the young DPRK only 2 years after its creation. In this way, the imperialists intended to establish their dominance over the entire world, including Asia.

The United States, which launched the Korean War of Aggression on June 25, 1953, deployed colossal armed forces to the Korean War: more than two million military personnel, including a third of the US ground forces, one-fifth of the US Air Force, most of the US Pacific Fleet, troops from 15 satellite countries, South Korean puppet troops and Japanese militarists.

They turned the cities and villages of the DPRK into complete ashes and committed a war crime aimed at destroying the nation with the massacre of civilians.

But the myth of the “invincibility” of the United States was shattered to smithereens by the unshakable spirit of the heroic Korean people, firmly united around the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, and the United States had to put its seal on the Korean Armistice Agreement.

Instead of finding its lesson in the shameful defeat suffered in the Korean War of Aggression, the United States, after the truce in the war, has still, for more than 70 years, persistently resorted to a hostile policy towards the DPRK in order to achieve in any way of domination over Asia and the whole world by forcibly annexing the Korean Peninsula.

This year, until April, the United States, together with its satellites, conducted military exercises more than 80 times, and the puppet ROK conducted individual exercises more than 60 times.

The large-scale military exercise "Ulchi Freedom Shield" to be held this coming August will include a nuclear operation exercise, a pre-determined nuclear attack on the Republic, and a comprehensive review and improvement of the "Operation Plan 2022" with the goal of launching a pre-emptive strike against our major installations and their region.

Due to reckless large-scale military exercises by the United States and its satellites, the situation on the Korean Peninsula is now reaching the brink of nuclear war.

In the current world where the logic of force dominates, as well as in the hot spot of constant military threat, the Korean people, firmly united around the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, President of the State Affairs of the DPRK, boldly launches a just struggle to protect the country's sovereignty and uphold peace and security in the region.

The Korean Committee of Solidarity with the Peoples of the World expresses confidence that you, who love justice and peace, have increased vigilance against the machinations of the imperialist forces led by the United States, who are the ringleaders of war and instability, and have boldly launched anti-imperialist joint action and joint struggle against them in on an international scale.


Korean Committee for Solidarity with the Peoples of the World

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