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   June 25 (RSTV)   


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Dear friends!

Please accept warm greetings from Pyongyang.

72 years ago, on June 25, 1950, the Korean War broke out.

The imperialist aggressive forces at the head of the United States unleashed an aggressive war with the aim of crushing our young Republic, which is only 2 years old. The US mobilized colossal armed forces and equipment and turned the our country into ruins. During the war, they did not hesitate to commit the largest anti-moral crimes unprecedented in history.

But the aggressive imperialist forces could not break the spirit of our people, who had risen to defend the Motherland.

In a 3-year fierce war, our people, with an unshakable spirit of defending the Motherland, defeated the aggressors and proudly defended the freedom and independence of the DPRK, thereby demonstrating the dignity and spirit of the Republic.

The imperialist coalition forces knelt before the Korean people and signed the armistice agreement, which is the document of their surrender.

After the signing of the armistice agreement, in order to end the war and ensure a lasting peace, our Republic tirelessly put forward a proposal to change the armistice agreement into a peace agreement, but the forces that did not want it stubbornly turned away from it.

The United States, desiring to disarm our Republic at all costs, and after that to overthrow its socialist system, are going wild in new and new provocations against the DPRK.

All these facts show that as long as the hostile US policy towards the DPRK continues, there will never be real peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.

Kim Jong Un, President of State Affairs of the DPRK, in his historic closing speech at the 5th Plenum of the Central Committee of the WPK of the eighth convocation, held from June 8 to 10, noted as follows:

"Today, the security situation in our state is very serious, and the environment carries the risk of aggravation, at least. This situation is urging us to achieve the goal of strengthening defense capabilities as soon as possible."

He again announced the principle of the struggle of our party "strength against strength" and "frontal advance", the essence of which is that the right to self-defense is a matter of protecting the sovereignty of the state, and there can be no slightest concession in protecting the sovereignty of our state.

"In today's world, where forces clash violently, the dignity and sovereignty of the state, as well as reliable and real peace, are guaranteed by powerful self-defense forces that can completely defeat any enemies."

We express the hope that you who love justice and peace will have a correct understanding of the situation on the Korean peninsula and support our people in the just struggle to protect the sovereignty of the country.

Korean Committee for Solidarity with the Peoples of the World

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