Letter of Solidarity in Anti-epidemic Struggle

   Pyongyang, August 13 (RSTV)   


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Dear comrades and friends!

Victory in the anti-epidemic war in Korea!


This is a historic proclamation by Kim Jong Un, President of the State Affairs of the DPRK, in a speech at the national meeting for reviewing emergency anti-epidemic work in the capital Pyongyang on August 10.

This touching news has allowed us to inform you, who always hope to learn about Korea before others and will rejoice over Korea's victory like no other.

The anti-epidemic struggle for more than 100 days against a malignant infectious disease has shown Comrade Kim Jong Un's deepest devotion to the people. This struggle has shown that Comrade Kim Jong Un cherishes the people above all else.

Comrade Kim Jong Un has repeatedly convened important meetings of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea to protect the dear life of our people and gave valuable instructions on even the smallest issues of economic work and improving the life of the people. Even in high temperature, he could not lie down even for one second, taking care of people.

It was only thanks to the Great Leader that we were able to achieve a miraculous victory. However, he noted in his speech that he would pay tribute, first of all, to the enormous work of our people, who fully and completely supported, accepted the anti-epidemic policy of the party and government, responded to it with all their heart and, with their unanimity, solidarity, put it into practice. And he completely gave all the victory to our people.

Thanks to the fact that our such Leader protects us in defiance of fate, we are full of confidence that our people are not afraid of further difficulties and any war, that only glory and victory will await us on the way. We will follow the path of loyalty to the end.

Even under the state-wide crisis situation, we have achieved amazing successes around the world, such as the construction of large-scale residential buildings in the capital and the establishment of the Ryongpo greenhouse facility. This is a victory for the stamina inherent in our people, its unanimity and solidarity. This is the triumph of our party's anti-epidemic policy. This is a great victory brought by the superiority of our model socialist system.


Comrades and friends,

We take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to you and your organizations for the fact that, when our country vigorously moves forward and achieves victory, we always rejoiced at our work, expressed our warmest congratulations to Comrade Kim Jong Un, and provided all support and solidarity.

Your sincerity and support, reflected in the activities of your organizations, will stimulate the Korean people, who, rallying around their Leader, are striving for a great victory, for a great goal.

We wish you good health and great success in your work.

Please accept warm greetings from Pyongyang.


Korean Society for the Development of Cultural Exchange with European Countries.

August 13, 2022


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