Meeting in the Altai Republic

   November 24, 2017   


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A meeting of participants in the department for studying the ideas of the DPRK in the Altai Republic was held. After watching the documentary, discussed current issues related to the way of life of North Koreans in the form of a discussion.

Below are the impressions of one of the meeting participants who attended this event for the first time, who was an ardent opponent of the DPRK policy until a certain time.

In our turbulent world full of contradictions, where people are constantly looking for reasons for conflicts, sometimes it is necessary to dispel the veil of doubt and reveal the true essence of things.
One such phenomenon can be called the original, autonomous culture and ideology of the North Koreans, whose beliefs and political views appear ambiguous to the rest of the world.

As they say, there are so many people, so many opinions. That is why it is important to discuss, weigh and make the most correct decisions in such situations. Today I happened to do this. One day I met a person who was inspired to do the same. Subsequently, I came to a meeting where we discussed pressing problems and got acquainted with each other’s positions. And you know, it became easier. It became easier to understand the real essence of things. The realization has come that there are much more correct and effective positions, which we actually came to. We discussed many related points of view.

It is necessary. We need to pay attention to the problems of society. We need to discuss and explain to people that they shouldn’t follow stereotypes.

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