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   January 30 (RSTV)   


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— Interim Results of 6th Organizing Conference —

Since December 24, Juche 103 (2024), the 6th Organizational Conference of the DPRK International Solidarity Group (DPRK ISG) has been held, during which consultations were held with diplomatic missions of Korea and senior officials of our organization in Russia, China, Germany, Hungary, Tajikistan, Belarus and other countries.


① According to the results of voting held from December 25 to 29 on a non-alternative basis, the following composition of the Coordination Committee of our organization was approved:

Chairman: Alexander Mostov

Deputy Chairman: Viktor Petrov



Department directors: Viktor Petrov (Director of the 1st Department of People's Diplomacy), Konstantin Asmolov (Director of the 2nd Scientific Department), Andrey Shin (Director of the 3rd Information and Analytical Department)



Senior officials: Viktor Petrov (Chairman of the Russian Society for Friendship and Cultural Cooperation with the DPRK), Daria Kadkina (Head of the Society for the Study of Juche Ideas in the Altai Republic), Nikita Dobrov (Regional Secretary of the Russian Executive Committee in the Northwestern Federal District), Johannes Wittmund (Head of the European Executive Committee ), Tim Trendelkamp (Ideological Leader of the European Executive Committee), Gulshan Karimova (Head of the Tajik Executive Committee), Murodbek Yuldoshev (Ideological Leader of the Tajik Executive Committee).



Advisors: Kim Yong Ju (Adviser on Work with Public and Political Organizations), Ilya Kleymenov (Adviser on People's Diplomatic Work), Vitaly Lebedev (Military Expert).

Candidates: Klim Belsky (Head of the Belarusian Executive Committee).

35 out of 38 participants with the right to vote of the 2nd International Congress of Solidarity took part in the voting. Thus, the turnout was 92.1%. 100% of participants voted for the proposed candidates.


② During consultations held from January 8 to 22, it was decided to streamline the structure of the Coordination Committee in order to optimize the organization’s work.

1. The Chairman of the Committee is the Leader of the DPRK ISG, bearing full responsibility for its fate and well-being.

2. The Deputy Chairman of the Committee performs auxiliary functions and has the right to speak on behalf of the head of the organization.

3. Department directors manage the key areas of work of the Solidarity Group:

  • The 1st Department of People's Diplomacy manages the work of executive committees in different countries and is responsible for developing relations with friendly organizations.
  • The 2nd Scientific Department is responsible for promoting an objective assessment of the DPRK among the masses and cooperation with the scientific community, and also manages primary cells (student clubs) in educational institutions.
  • The 3rd Information and Analytical Department is responsible for monitoring the news agenda, ensuring security, timely detection and prevention of various threats.

4. The senior officials of the Committee are the heads of executive committees.

Executive committees have the right:

— Create regional and local organizations within the DPRK ISG in accordance with local legislation.

— Abolish regional and local organizations under the control of the relevant executive committee.

— Accept and exclude activists of the organization who are in the area of responsibility of the relevant executive committee.

5. Advisors to the Committee perform an advisory function according to their position.

6. Candidates for members of the Committee have the same rights and responsibilities as management employees, with the exception of the right to vote.


③ During the consultations held from January 23 to 30, the following decisions were made:

— The Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG of the second convocation approves three priorities for the organization’s work: “priority of business orientation”, “priority of science”, “priority of working with students”. The organization stimulates initiatives of executives and activists on the principle of “personal achievements for a common cause.”

— The list of permanent executive committees subordinate to the 1st Department of People's Diplomacy has been approved:

  1. Russian Executive Committee
  2. European Executive Committee
  3. Chinese Executive Committee
  4. Tajik Executive Committee
  5. Belarusian Executive Committee
  • The Ukrainian Executive Committee was declared to have ceased to exist due to objective circumstances.

— The right of the 1st Department to create and dissolve executive committees has been confirmed. It is also allowed to create temporary executive committees without maintaining mandatory records of activists by the 3rd Department.

— The right of the 2nd Department to create primary cells in educational institutions and assign their activists to the corresponding executive committees subordinate to the 1st Department was confirmed.

— The 3rd Department undertakes to ensure the safety of activists working in special conditions and provide them with all possible assistance.

— Due to the closure of a large number of Korean media of a similar type and similar purpose, the continuation of the work of RSTV as an independent media project was recognized as meaningless and inconsistent with the spirit of new times.

— The establishment of the “DPRK ISG Information Bureau” was approved as a body coordinating the information agenda of friendly media, bloggers and other information projects. According to the decision, the Information Bureau will be created on the basis of RSTV within the 3rd Department.

The 6th Organizing Conference continues.

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